Hello everyone! Today I’m Sharing my Spring Home Tour. Thanks for watching! I hope you will enjoy the tour!

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17 Replies to “SPRING HOME TOUR 2019”

  1. Barbara, you did an AMAZING job. I love the flow of the rooms. They don't look choppy or like disjointed spaces. I like that you didn’t think of each room as a single entity. Each space/rooms connect together in some way (color, style, material). The one element without which no room is complete is texture. And your use of the different textures totally took the room spaces to the next level. There is a sense of calmness, connection, balance, and visual interest that makes everything comes to life, and yet just even that it doesn’t overwhelm you. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

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  3. Your house is beautiful, I especially love your kitchen cabinets & your built in cabinets in the living room. BTW your decorations are just lovely ,!!!!

  4. Your home is so nice and rooms are a grand sizes. I love your kitchen and the color of the tile backsplash and especially that soft shade blue gray paint in your dining room! Mixed with silver and white decor. Awww. So pretty with all the textures and layers you have. The feel is warm and inviting and very calm. 🌷

  5. Just fabulous! What is the carpet you have? Looks like a wonderful gold color……what brand? Many thanks for your sharing!

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