Standing Elbow "Break" and Take Down: Japanese Jujutsu (Maki Hiji)

Here is a standing elbow dislocation technique called Maki Hiji Nage from Japanese Jujutsu. This can be ued as an escort (police/bouncers/security), elbow break (self defense) or a take down (and arrest pin).

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  1. where in the world do you find a school teaching Japanese Jujutsu in one's area? Can't find any in the Virginia vicinity.

  2. What if the person is fast enough to avoid being tangled like that and just punch you several times in the face and then kick you? When you are out in the streets and someone comes an attacks you… They don't usually do it face to face. And many people don't fight a fair fight…

  3. I've been doing JJ since the 90's, before BJJ became so popular. Bjj "self-defense" and JJ self-defense are almost identical. Plus Bjj come from JJ. So it makes me laugh every time a BJJ student comments how superior his style is….. it is the same thing, they just spend crazy amounts of time on the ground. I also feel it should be called Brazilian Judo, but that is a different discussion.

  4. I take JJitsu and BJJ and have a Black Belt in Judo all arts are the same except for the strategy. The curriculums match basically but it all is deepening on what your Professor wants to teach, for Judo we do the JJitsu and we cover legs locks foot locks etc which is in the judo curriculum but most people on want to do Olympic style or rules Judo I prefer functional Judo which essentially is JJitsu. S if you can train all three some point in your life and you will see things will repeat itself.

  5. Hey Ari, great work as always. Any chance we could see some more punch defence techniques ?

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