Steak and Guinness Pie

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18 Replies to “Steak and Guinness Pie”

  1. Hello my friend thank you for sharing your delicious pie recipe. It looks so yummy. Enjoyed watching. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your family and God bless.????

  2. I love that you post on your time. Once or three times a week. It's like that old cooking phrase, "It's done when it's done". I still wish "Do you want to impress your date?" could make an appearance. Or cannolis.

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  4. in nz the best mushrooms you can get are the field mushrooms on a dairy farm. the ones growing in the middle of a pat are the best lol. go out and collect them at dawn and they make the best breakfast.

  5. Is that a chef’s technical term “fall aparty” lol, looked like great comfort food!

  6. I’ve never been this early to one of your videos.

    I’m thinking this is a great recipe any time it’s cold out too, plus I imagine one could play around with the ingredients fairly easily.

  7. If you want Irish recipe recommendations I encourage you to try a barmbrack. It is a fruit bread, the dried fruits are soaked in tea overnight and baked into a non yeast bread the next day. Absolutely delicious spread with butter and served with a cup of tea. Barmbrack is Irish for spotted bread and is traditionally served on Halloween.

  8. Wow excellent this recipe looks very delicious thanks for sharing video My dear???????

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