Stop Eating These 3 Foods Now!

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These are the easiest foods swaps you could do right now to take control of your health. Stop cooking with and eating foods that used processed inflammatory oils. Wen you eat bread, make sure it’s nutrient sense, complex grains. Stop using cruddy processed salt and used the better for you unrefined salt.

20 Replies to “Stop Eating These 3 Foods Now!”

  1. In India, we use "Sesame Oil and Ground Oil" for cooking.

    Can you please research on this and provide your insights?!

  2. PLEASE READ AND RESPOND I bought some avocado oil sea salt chips the brand is good health it’s the kettle style potato chips in a green bag literally it only had three ingredients potatoes, avocado oil and sea salt but there was a label on the back that said DO NOT SALE IN CALIFORNIA I looked it up and coming to find out those potatoes cause cancer originally when they were sold in California the bag had a warning label that said may cause cancer I will never eat them again I just assumed they were good because of those 3 ingredients if I would have never looked that up I would have never known we have to be careful even with the chips because of the potatoes and I find it weird that my state still have them but their state does not

    Please tell me which vitamin D brand you use

  3. Can people in Third World countries afford those healthier alternatives?

  4. Bobby, do you recommend cooking with beef tallow? If yes, can you recommend a good brand? Thanks for all you do.

  5. I appreciate this video— making those swaps is definitely doable. I do have a question: is it possible to find a healthy loaf of gluten free bread?

  6. Can you do a video on air fryers .. which you recommend .. yours is really expensive…

  7. Doses anyone know , What kind of body wash, is Bobby Approved? Thank you, all in Advance, and thank you, to The FlavCity Family 🙂 My 30-someting Autistic son-shine has sensitive skin.

  8. I learned a trick when I lived in Georgia about salt in a high humidity environment. If you live in a high humidity place, just add dry parsley flakes to your salt and it will not clump up! The green flakes in pink salt also look nice.

  9. When you buy a small desert and you read the back of the label and then you take a couple bites and read it again and realize that in the tiny letters it says 1 serving and 3 for the whole small package : 😔. Thanks natural grocers. At least it had clean ingredients.

  10. The church of Parrish sayeth and demandeth. Preacher Bobby laying the smack down on greedy sins.

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