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  1. Actually black tea contains less caffeine than coffee (I know this video is a few years old but I'd just like to clarify). 100g of black tea contains about 20mg of caffeine whereas the same amount of coffee contains 40mg, obviously varying depending on the brand. The reason you don't want to pour pure coffee over your hair is because the higher caffeine concentration could do more harm than help and stunt hair growth because it can affect the pH of your scalp too much, but the content in tea is fine for hair growth stimulation and counteracting the effects of DHT, the hormone which is the main cause of hair loss.
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  2. Very good information thank you. I guess I will try your way again only spray on my roots condition my hair at the same time. Yes, I did try this before and didn't like it my hair was hard rough & knotty.

  3. Hi Subrena. I've been having the same issue with my hair and I tried the tea rince. I kept it for 1h. I noticed nothing changed after 2 weeks and I did a second application. I hope it's not a problem though but I will try the next one in 1 month. But so far, I haven't noticed any change.

  4. Im so happy for you. I just applied my black tea last night but I did it differently. I shampooed, conditioned then used a moisturizing hair mask and let the mask sit in my hair for a hour then I rinsed the mask completely out and poured black tea all over my head and just squeezed the excess out but I didnt rinse it out. I woke up this morning to very curly hair and it doesn't seem that dry. I dont know if it helped with shedding or not. Ill have to wait about 2 or 3 more days, next time I brush it out

  5. can I use the regular tea.Not the tea BAG. can I use it by boiling and then apply after cooling it?

  6. thanks for that info sister girl it came at the right time. now i see why my hair gets so hard and brizzled after a tea rinse. i really love the way ur hair looks shiny and soft

  7. Thank you, I'll definitely try this! I'm not black so my hair texture is different, will it still work the same? Also how long do I leave the tea rinse in there? And do I do it after shampooing my hair? Please help, I used to have such incredibly thick hair and now it's shedding like crazy and is thinning. I don't want to use any medications or chemicals as I know it can sometimes cause increased shedding that doesn't go away

  8. Argan life shampoo is amazing! It left my hair so soft and mois turized. (Smells good too.) So glad I finally found a sham poo that gets the job done!

  9. Thank you. I hope it works for me. I'm sick of my hair shedding so much. On top of it tangling after I wash it.

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