Stop Making These Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You!

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Want to keep people guessing about your actual age? Let’s start by avoiding these typical style mistakes and beauty blunders that women of a certain age make. No one wants to look frumpy or out of date. But we don’t want to fall into the trap of “age-appropriate” style. Too many of us start to question what we can wear after the age of 40, 50, or 60. Shorts? Sleeveless tops? Skirts above my knees? Do I have to set these items away forever? Honestly, clothes have sizes, ladies, not ages. So I’m of the mindset to wear things that you feel comfortable and confident in. Style is always about confidently stepping out the door, and clothes help us do just that.

What I’m wearing:
Stripe Linen Top:

Outfit #1
Linen Stripe Shirtdress:
ADA Midi Wrap Belt:

Outfit #2
Crochet Top:
Crochet Cardigan:
ADA Wrap Belt:
Cotton Chinos:

Outfit #3
Silk Tunic:
White Pants:
ADA Skinny Wrap Belt:

Simone Perele:

Plunge Bra:
Minimizer Bra:
T-Shirt Bra:

Orange Stripe Tee & Orange Flare Skirt:

White Shift Dress:
Similar Gingham Espadrilles:

Similar White Dress:
Similar Fisherman Basket Handbag:

Wicker Handbag:
Straw Handbag:
Panama Hat:

Linen Blazer:
Green Sleeveless Sweater:
White Denim:
Straw Tote:
Similar Gold Coin Necklace:

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28 Replies to “Stop Making These Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You!”

  1. As an overweight 65 year-old, i find a belt to accentuate my tummy. Any suggestions?

  2. I wash my bras in a mesh laundry bag and it helps keep the hooks and wires from getting destroyed in the wash! Game changer! ❤

  3. So interesting that you suggest belts and say that untucked tops can make you look larger. I recently took a body shape class that said an O shape and H shape should never wear belts. I have to disagree. As long as I blouson my top, I find that a belt enhances my look. Of course a third layer always completes the look, but as it is summer I am just wearing my tee shirts and blouses tucked in with a belt and feeling good!

  4. I am going to go out on a limb and say this but I find most people over 50 are the ones dressing nice. I went to a Broadway show at night and to my dismay, there were adults and older teens with shorts on!! On another occasion I went to a play and all the adults over 60 were decked out to the 9s. Make up, nice blouses, slacks and shoes (like a post here…even those in wheelchairs were dressed beautifully) were beautifully worn. Those under 40 had jeans on…not even nice ones. I know what you mean though…I find more older women dress nice.

  5. "Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value." *Albert Einstein

  6. At 78 I dress up when I go out. Went to a doctors appointment wearing a coral silk blouse with a necklace with a mother of Pearl pendant and glass beads held in place by silk strands that I designed and made. I wore the blouse over khaki pants and turned heads every where I went. Who says you have to look elderly, just because you are!

  7. Yes we love videos like this!!!
    Love the belts. I agree with you, a belt in your outfits maks a big difference. Thank you one more time for your lovely videos.
    keep them coming, they are always welcome.

  8. I have learned so much from you over the past couple of years that I've been watching your videos. You were the first fashion and style person I ever watched on YouTube. I know I speak for many women when I say how much I appreciate your advice and style insights. My style is classic and traditional for the most part but I always learn something new from you. I love the gorgeous background of this video, too!

  9. Thanks for a great video!
    I use to be under the impression that if I was old enough to wear a piece of clothing when it first came out, I’m too old to wear it when it comes back around again.
    Now, I wear what suits my style and personality. ????
    I love changing my hair styles as well, and do it often.
    I think a lot of ladies believe that if they cut their hair it’ll make them look older, but I think an amazing hair cut can really frame your face,elevate your look, and keep you fresh and classy.

  10. Great video! Bras..I never would have dreamed I’d buy a minimizer because I’m only a c cup..but WOW what a great way to keep those blouse buttons from gapping at the bustline. And belts…I cringed when I spent 150 bucks on a classic black belt…I’ve had that belt for about 12 years now and it’s my go to that adds instant polish to any outfit. Thank you!!

  11. I took the "plunge" to go natural =discover my grey !! During COVID rules !!! After a life of blonde …I have to readjust the colors of my wardrobe…
    As we have similar color and haircut now I watch your videos to see what works and what doesn't…

  12. Hi Beth im learning so much from you. At 50 yrs old i love to look current even though im always on a budget. You are so gorgeous ❤❤❤

  13. Such great tips, thank you for sharing them. Change of Scandinavia also have wonderful bras in many sizes and configurations, but always well made and comfortable. By the way, you look fabulous in those leather pants!

  14. I am a jeans and t-shirt person..leggings for walking….so I am kinda frumpy and overweight..working on the health…..but if you are heavy good luck trying to find something that doesnt look like a box shape…or in not so nice colors..we are the forgotten and invisable. love your channel

  15. Gosto, imensamente de seus vídeos, mesmo não falando sua língua, entendo algumas partes e as imagens me faz entender mais… seu estilo é maravilhoso!????????…????????

  16. Right on! You were the first YouTube fashion channel that I found in 2020. My search question was can women still wear shorts after 60? Well, indeed they can. I now have about 6 pairs of shorts in my wardrobe and I just added a classic navy linen trouser-type Bermuda short from Talbots. Looks so chic with my navy linen blazer. The Coastal Grandma trend has been around for years. I view it as a type of Ralph Lauren/preppy look. I do have problems with my one bra strap always slipping down. Any suggestions? I have been fitted on a few occasions. You are the best, Beth!

  17. I visited Neiman Marcus one day for some new under garments. I was so lucky in that a bra fit specialist was available and showed me the right size. It’s not easy to do without a second opinion from an expert. It is all too easy to cling to classics. Thanks for the tips! Accessories are so important, but we tend to neglect them. I purchased the gold necklace you featured. Thanks for the guidance! ❤

  18. Beth I adore that orange skirt and striped top on you. Thank you again for an inspiring video!

  19. Good tips. I am still working on finding a belt. I have a very large tummy, love the modest feminine dresses (many w/ elastic waists). and just don't feel good about a belt. I never wear black and so many of my dresses are gentle prints (as single colors may stain and show it very easily) so belt colors that are too stark just show off my 'no-waist', lol.

  20. Hi Beth-love the ADA belt but your discount code doesn't work. Please help!

  21. Thank you for your last words at the end of the video???? So true and positive❤

  22. Thank you, Beth! Another amazing video and so many things that are so important and we tend to forget. Please continue your exceptional content! Have a blessed day!

  23. Beth your so right about these tips. The bra tips were a reminder to me. It’s hard to find clothing age appropriate. I guess because of my age I feel uncomfortable buying clothes. This is helping me. ❤

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