Stop N Go Pocket Tire Plugger Demonstration

A short demonstration of the Stop N Go Tire Plugger available from

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  1. It appears you have demonstrated it on a tubed type tyre. An important step missing on many of these videos is to carefully inspect it for leaks by adding some fluid around the plug once it has been fitted and stretched to seat it but before cutting it off. That way if its leaking a bit you have a chance to manipulate it to create a better seal.

  2. A superb system that works really well, it takes a few minutes to fix a flat, but you're better off with a small tyre compressor, but this is a really good system.

  3. Oh yeah the lead attaches permanently to the battery with a small plug hanging just under my seat for easy access.

  4. I have this kit but mine has a small compressor that plugs into a lead, that was included . I just haven't had to use it yet. I bought it after a friend had a flat ,his fix flat didn't work, and we had to make a plug out of a screw and limp home!

  5. you could always help it along by adding some rubber cement before inserting. That's what i would do anyway

  6. You realise a 'proper repair' involves your local motorcycle shop using an almost identical mushroom plug?

  7. Amazing kit. I have one and I can testify that it has been very useful. It has only one big flow. It does not work on tires with tubes.

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