STOP shopping at Dollar Tree! Why you SHOULD give DOLLAR GENERAL a try (hidden gems + organization)

You all know I love my Dollar Tree but there’s some great items you can find at Dollar General too especially if you don’t like DIYing much or at all! From home decor to organization and holiday items. This video shares some amazing scores and hidden gems at the Dollar Store!

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  1. IMPORTANT: Please do not respond to or give any of your information to any fake YouTube accounts with my picture or Bargain Bethany in their username. I don’t do giveaways on here nor would I ever ask for your sensitive information. You can tell if it’s really me if the Username says Bargain Bethany with a gray oval around my name and a white circle around a gray check mark. These fake accounts pop up all the time responding to comments saying you won something, email them or text them to claim your prize. There’s other things they say but this is the main theme I see. Everytime I get rid of one and delete the comments, another pops up. I can’t be on YouTube all day monitoring the comments so please be safe out there guys. YouTube needs to do a better job of not allowing these spam accounts to be created constantly. I’m sorry. ❤

  2. Big lots has turned into a Walmart with their pricing they have a lot of nice stuff but it's very expensive now. I miss the old way when I could get good pieces cheaper

  3. Hello gorgeous glowing lady❤ another awesome walkthrough and tips stay safe and blessed ❤

  4. If you have the app and go on Saturdays it's $5 off $25. I try to spend only $20 and get something I wanted for $5 so its free for me.

  5. You are really taking your videos to the next level ???? Love it! The box for Cooper’s cars came out so good! That’s something he can keep forever ❤

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