Stop Using Your Phone When Pumping Gas

The average person spends about 4 hours a day on their phone. That means in a single week, our eyes are glued to the screen for over an entire day! While there’s nothing wrong with a little screen time every now and then, there are some places where your phone should stay in your pocket…

Have you ever been texting your friends as you got in the car and forgot you left your coffee on the roof? Imagine something like that, and you might have an idea why so many gas stations have signs up warning customers to stay off their phones as they’re pumping gas. Also, some people believe the device can shoot out radio waves or sparks and catch the gas on fire? Let’s find out if that’s true!

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Can your phone shoot out sparks? ???? 0:32
What if you damaged a nozzle? 1:01
Mobile phones on aircraft 2:52
Why it was a major concern in the 1990s 4:02
Smartphone use in hospitals 6:53

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– They put these signs up to keep distracted drivers from pulling away from the pump with the nozzle still attached! When that happens, you risk gas leaking out all over the place, and then there’s the chance of it lighting up.
– Fortunately, this isn’t as much of a threat as it perhaps used to be. Most modern gas pumps feature breakaway nozzles that will seal the pump if they’re pulled on too hard. ]
– Either way, the driver, or at least their insurance company, is still responsible for any equipment they break. If the driver’s lucky, they’ll only need to pay for the breakaway mechanism to be replaced.
– Most airlines require you to switch your phone to airplane mode. The signals produced by wireless devices can interfere with the plane’s electronics.
– This phone interference isn’t too much of a problem anymore thanks to modern technology, but it was a major concern in the 1990s.
– Devices from that era were notorious for their ability to interfere with nearby electronics, and that was a risk airlines weren’t willing to take.
– There’s also the issue of radio waves interfering with a plane’s communications. Again, it’s nothing too dramatic.
– The third reason why you’re asked to turn off your phone on the plane has to do with your wireless carrier.
– Cell towers were designed around some basic assumption about where their users are going to be located. Thousands of feet in the air close to the speed of sound was not one of them.
– The good news is, these risks are all fairly remote, and there’s never been a major accident caused by someone using their phone on a plane.
– Studies have shown that electronic devices can tamper with some of the more sensitive hospital equipment.
– The scientists concluded that 3 ft was far enough away to be safe. Although, they do recommend keeping mobile phones out of the room entirely just to be on the super safe side!

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26 Replies to “Stop Using Your Phone When Pumping Gas”

  1. Nothing gonna happen while you use your phone when pumping gas that all a myth. Its more concerning if you have kids that run in and out of your car as static electricity will offen cause the gas to flame up.

  2. I'm at an airport. But it always goes onto airplane mode before we get onto the taxiway

  3. This theory has many opposing arguments and videos that say it was the static charge from the fabric seats not the phone

  4. BRIGHT SIDE: An average person spends about 4 hours a day on their phones.
    Me: 24/7 hours. No questions.

  5. fact avrey person uses their phone 4 hours a day me uses my phone one time evrey 2 mohnts

  6. 2:10 And how much does the driver have to pay if it ends up starting a fire and blows up the entire gas station GTA style? :3

    8:32 What was the mother doing in her spare time? . . . XD

  7. In a airplane, i had it in flightmode and recorded when the plane would perform it´s takeoff.
    My friend nag on me to turn it off all the time, i told him i just was recording the takeoff and that he not would die due to my phone. ^^

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