Stunning DIY Ambulance Build – Full-Time Tiny Home

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Meet Christy & Seth, an adventurous couple traveling the U.S. in their self-converted 2001 Ford E450 Ambulance. They found a way to utilize every square inch of space, while simultaneously repurposing the original electrical wiring & cabinets.

This incredible rig features an indoor/outdoor shower, spacious kitchen, ample storage, & a convertible couch. Christy & Seth have found that although tiny, the functionality & freedom that Mitty the Ambo provides is more than the two of them could have ever hoped for from their life on the road.

00:35 Ambulance Kitchen
03:44 Ambulance Storage
06:24 Why Nomad Life
07:48 Powering the Ambulance
10:15 Ambulance Bedroom/Living Room
12:14 Ambulance Bathroom
13:30 Ambulance Closet
15:07 Nomad Life Pros & Cons
17:26 Ambulance Exterior

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16 Replies to “Stunning DIY Ambulance Build – Full-Time Tiny Home”

  1. The one announcement that would make me happy would be that you're willing to sell it to me! I love it!!!!

  2. 12:18 THANK YOU for acknowledging the absolute necessity of having a bathroom on board. ???? Like you, I just cannot understand people who pretend it isn't a HUGE inconvenience having to leave your home to shower/use the bathroom!

  3. Well done, Christy & Seth! You are welcome to park in our driveway any time, and Atlas can stay inside our house! ????

  4. Quite nice. I like that you can access the bathroom from outside. It would need a lock from the inside though, so no one (even if it is friends) can open the bathroom outside door while you are in it. Also I'd cover all the roof with panels. Enjoy

  5. Love the layout! And all decorated so nice. Shower, toilet, big kitchen. You've got everything you need! And even though the diesel cost is equal to a mortgage payment, you're able to travel whenever and wherever you want because you don't have to pay for any extra travel expenses, like hotel, campground, airfare. So worth it!

  6. Great Ambulance Tiny home Renovation ???????????????????????????? for your diesel engine try X-caps, these might have a different name for diesel fuel check with The
    Homework Guy Team, Kevin and Elizabeth they sell these too. I also like your innovative idea on your all in one bathroom ????????????????????????????

  7. Nicest ambulance I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot) such smart use of space, roomy and nicely decorated.

  8. Great build ,you covered all the bases! I would love to have met your beautiful dog…what a good looking kid

  9. What fun!
    Beautiful and stunning and ingenious.
    Would have liked to meet and greet with your dog family a lot more though (⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠)⁠♡

  10. Pastor Alph Lukau 1.4+M subscriber on YouTube channel. Please subscribe and follow

  11. This is an impressive, well thought out, and creative conversion/build. Great job you guys. My favorite part was when you used "stealth" and "ambulance" in the same sentence.????

  12. This is without a doubt the single most well thought out planning on a roving home I have ever seen! You were so blessed to find your ambulance with the utilities and cabinet setups that it had. God bless and keep on rolling .

  13. Great looking build. Have wanted to do an ambulance but as a woman “of s certain age” I don’t know a thing about building the inside. Can’t say I want to pay someone to do it-pretty pricey. Unfortunately it would take pretty much everything I have. Especially since solar panels and lithium batteries would be a must! I would definitely be all in if I knew someone who was able to do all this wonderful stuff but I don’t! Also would probably have to go with gas since I’m on a fixed income. Not interested in paying
    $5/gal for diesel. Even though in the long run it would be better! Oh well! Vaya con Dios! Be safe and you did a great job!

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