Style Simplified: Traditional

Every look has some elements of traditional style because it’s so adaptable. After all, the traditional look provides a sense of warmth and undeniable comfort that make a space welcoming and inviting. You create your own traditional space with just a few key elements of design. Watch this video to achieve that traditional look.

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  1. Oh my gosh Selena, I love this video and Pete’s excitement is priceless ???? I don’t have a bucket list but I always wanted a frame/work of art with a secret compartment and you found one for $22 ???????????????? and you didn’t buy it ???????? it would had looked lovely in your home. I will place crystal ball in your beautiful new vases, so you can see through. Hugs, Yvette

  2. The disabled thing is slobbering all over herself with her words.. she has such a horrible speech impediment it’s annoying

  3. You look gorgeous in all the outfits, I would rate them a 10+, I haven't seen u in any outfit that you didn't look stunning.

  4. It’s a nice home. Perfect for a single person or couple. I like how their no ladder to get into the room. It’s on the main floor and the rest for storage. I’m in my 30s and single. The idea of a tiny home is looking more and more interesting to me for when I get older. I’m also a very simple person that doesn’t lug around a lot of furniture, clothes, etc. This is all you need when you get older not a 3 bedroom house whose rooms sit empty and more maintenance. Older people with adult kids can even put one of these in their kids backyard, kinda like a in-law house.

  5. We used to clamp the material onto a Bridgeport table, then use a wood dowel with small stick on sanding disc, set disc , raise, crank table 1/2 disc width set disc and repeat

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