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This week on Hair Me out, we follow Maria who has Alopecia. She heads to see Mona at The Wig Fairy who makes realistic wigs to get a red wig for the first time. Watch this episode to see her transformation!

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0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Meet Maria
2:27 – Meet Mona, the Founder of The Wig Fairy
3:38 – Picking Out the Perfect Wig
4:12 – Styling the Wig
5:27 – The Final Reveal
6:50 – How to Maintain Your Wig

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30 Replies to “Styling Wigs With Alopecia | Hair Me Out | Refinery29”

  1. Wooow You know what ???? u look sooo pretty even before the wig ????

    u have such beautiful face features ???? I’m saying that as I’m into photography and stylin
    , so I know exactly what I’m talking about ????

    I suggest that from time to another don’t loose the short hair look ????

    If use a big earrings with some layers of beaded neckless ,colorful gypsy long skirt with solid color top ????Wooow ????

    This type of look will also give u more confidence and options for ur daily look ????

    I remember these days when I saw this trend of shaved head especially after Demi moor shaved her head and she looked stunning ????????

  2. This site if preprogrammed coming in dangerous, running fingers throu my hair, NO. DID SHE HAVE CANCER, SHY WOULD UPLOAD THESE PEOPLE

  3. My respect as a man is life, don't let it fall, son is life, show life that you are a black cloud with my mother, up

  4. چرا حرف ر را اونطوری تلفظ میکنی ؟ ????????????????

  5. Beautiful even with no hair! I love the red over the blonde. I got a scare a few years ago. I had to chop my long hair. I had developed alopecia due to the iud I had for 4 years. Luckily it slowly went back to normal after.. I don't know what caused yours. But to someone out there with an iud. That could be it.

    Anyways.. rock it girl! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You're gorgeous ❤️

  6. I like all of her wigs she suits them all. She also has a lovely shaped head so she looks lovely without one too. Best wishes from Northern Ireland.

  7. Que naturalidad se ve , muy buen trabajo, la modelo muy Señorita con un testimonio muy fuerte . Pero de ejemplo a la humanidad, no hay problemas si no soluciones!!

  8. Είσαι πιο όμορφη …και από τις πιο ομορφες

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