Summer Fashion Favorites + Unboxing!

Hey beauties 🙂 I hope you enjoy this video! I’ve missed you all!

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Le Tote was kind enough to gift me this first box for review. Everything else was purchased by me with my own monies! Love you all!

P.S. Leave me a comment and I’ll respond to as many of you as possible!!!

16 Replies to “Summer Fashion Favorites + Unboxing!”

  1. I usually don´t like commenting when my comment will be possibly negative towards a video and I will probably get lots of "then don´t watch the video or don´t say anything if you don´t like it" but I don´t really get the company. I see the purpose, is for you to try on different clothing every month, keep what you want and return what you don´t want (and probably take a selfie for your Instagram as Elle mentioned). But the fact that someone else wore what you are wearing right now grosses me out a lot. I don´t know. Maybe they got inspired from Rend the Runway concept. That one I totally support. Maybe this company should "rent" high-end casual clothing, if they are just another-brand type clothing, I much rather stay with Tj Max and Target, where I can be a bit more secure no one else has worn (all day and probably sweat) what I am using. Or maybe they are high-end, I don´t know..For me, they just contacted a bunch of popular channels and send those items to try, but I really don´t think none of them are going to try them in real like, I know it would gross me out! BUT, I gave this video a thumbs up, because I applaud Elle, if you actually tried any of those pieces, brave girl!

  2. For your next video of this unboxing could you tell us what u kept or what you gave back that would be cool!! Ps love you channel!!

  3. Elle, as I hit pause, one of the shorts you held up covered the bottom part of your hair. Shoulder length hair would look so great on you! Just thought I'd say 🙂

  4. Omg love your summer collection! So effortlessly stylish! Did you ever try the brand free people? Or the joie harem pants? Been living in them all summer long.

  5. I don't understand how the "return thing" works… If you don't wanna buy something you send it back and after that? Do they send your earrings/clothes to another person? It's kinda gross :/

  6. Would have loved this video even more if there were better, clearer shots of the clothing in it. Hard to see so close to the screen 😘

  7. You should try Stitch Fix.  That's a good fashion/accessories subscription service as well.

  8. Clearly a blogger box. My box never came with the original tote for the first box. The jewelry DOES NOT come on cards. It comes thrown into one bag all lumped together. The last box I received had clearly worn earrings. The backs had ear gunk on them, yet Le Tote claims they sterilize. Considering what I received, I find it hard to believe. The clothes also have a bottom-of-the-laundry-basket stank. Supposedly they are looking into using a new laundry service, but I had to pre-wash everything before even wearing it. While the concept is nice, I wasn't wowed. The rating service is also measly questions without any ability to provide real feedback. Based on the reviews I've read, I'd try Stitch Fix.

  9. Le Tote has an interesting concept but I'm not sure it would work economically for most people, especially the young women for whom the styles are geared.  Also, the range of sizes available in their clothing is extremely limited. 

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