Sun Pharma Opinion – Stock Talk with Nitin Bhatia #1 (Hindi)

Sun Pharma Opinion is based on the technical analysis. Recently, we observed a sharp correction in the sun pharma. Retail investors try to do bottom fishing in such stocks. In this video on stock talk, we will discuss what charts, tables, technical setup, option chain analysis are suggesting.

Recently, i mentioned that Doji has formed in the sun pharma. Doji is very powerful in price action strategy. The Doji formed after the consolidation period is more reliable compared to any other doji. Secondly, the trend of Sun Pharma was bearish as it was trading below the 40-day exponential moving average. The low delivery % also suggests that speculative positions are built. A speculative position needs to be closed, it cannot take stock in that particular direction too far.

Currently, sun pharma opinion based on the Fibonacci Retracement suggests that stock candle closed at the bottom of the Fibonacci. In past, the stock retraced from the same level and this time also this level is respected.

Option chain suggests that stock can reverse from the existing level based on implied volatility and premium decay. Also, you need to watch for the gap filling. The stock definitely moves to fill the gap.

Lastly, Sun Pharma has a high correlation with the movement of Nifty 50. Therefore, the index movement should support any up move.

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  1. Sir,your stock talk videos are relevant any time or they are relevant at the time when they are uploaded?

  2. sir how to find which stock follow which kind of ta or T INDICATOR TO FIND TREND IS THERE ANY VIDEO REGARDING THIS TOPIC PLZ REPLY

  3. sir, app ne fibonacci retracement line ko bottom ko top se connect karne kaha tha.But yaha app ne top ko bottom se connect kar ke analysis kar rahe ho…….. why sir ? Please explain.

  4. Sir chalenga 1-2 hrs lijiye par Hume apke saat complete analysis karna h….Hume ap se boht sikhne Ko milta h πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  5. Sir…stock talk of balkrishna industries

  6. Please tell sir
    Kisi share ke neeche jane ke kya karan hote hai .

    Sun pharma ka share price low kyu ja raha hai.

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