Surviving Side Control 101 : The Prayer Position

Keith Owen describes the PRAYER POSITION and the basic defense when you are on your back and your opponent is going for side control. This is the starting position on how to start your defense and get to a better spot. Visit Keith Owen’s site at:

24 Replies to “Surviving Side Control 101 : The Prayer Position”

  1. Thank you so much. Recently started rolling and my ribs have been getting crushed! This helps so much

  2. this has helped me so much but i gable grip my hands so that one of these freaks doesnt arm bar me

  3. Is there a part two to this? I've been taking that position when in side control since day one. My back is still glued to the mat, and I can't kick out my hips. All I can do is lay there ineffectually.

  4. He seems to be an excellent teacher! The explanation sound clear! I need to add this to my training! 😀

  5. Its funny that some things have so manny different names, I learned the prayer position as the sleep position, when you only keep doing that the teacher then can say: Wake up! So you know that its time to try to get in controll.

  6. addition to this is to shoulder walk to get to the "prayer" position – cus no one on top likes to give away cross face.

  7. Great video tech works well. My issue is you expose yourself to a very easy knee bar from side control.

  8. thank you that helped me out . in both positioning and what i need to do when there trying to get side control.

  9. @migraine516 Yes. My nogi jiu jitsu (10th planet ) is under Eddie Bravo and my Gi Gracie Jiu Jitsu is under Keith Owen.

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