We guarantee you’ve never seen a skateboard like this! Introducing, the Swing Board! A board meant to swing on a tree and get you BODIED!

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18 Replies to “SWING SKATEBOARD?!”

  1. Gotta have JD's dad devise some kind of rolling chassis/frame for that swing, momentum may be a small issue but it's Braille right?

  2. I love how the videos immediately got more weird when Aaron got back. Love everybody on the Braille team, but an injection of some Kyro weirdness never hurt anybody. (well, perhaps it has…)

  3. Had the awesome opportunity to interview Mogely today for my podcast and man it was a blast! That dude is super easy talk talk to.

  4. Skateboarding is not a crime – until you intentionally do something police have told you not to. But hey – you got your video. /sigh

  5. 6:26 I thought Aaron was about to say “Chris can just casually be anywhere and pull up with his shirt off”

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