Swivel Cut – TUTORIAL

Learn how to do the swivel cut.

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25 Replies to “Swivel Cut – TUTORIAL”

  1. I see lots of hate. Why are you hating on him? It's really good for people starting out. If you're better, got to some other channel or a more difficult trick. His cards do kinda look… Bad tbh

  2. I can't believe the fun I'm having learning all these card tricks. At 51 my older sons really get blown away when I pull out my deck of cards and repeat your card tricks!

  3. Hey I don't know what to do I really suck at magic and iv been trying for over a year and u haven't been getting any better what should I do I watch ever thing of yours and I'm. A huge fan

  4. Great cut
    Can you go on my channel and say what you think about it
    Thank you
    And continue like that

  5. Is that okay if i split the deck like the first step of swing cut and then go to a swivel cut?

  6. To be honest man …I think nobody likes your videos anymore …You just got boring ? Idk man …just quit the magic life and go to the Fucking wrestling matches ..

  7. Wtf man what is this … make trick tutorial or show us some cuts or something like this
    … pls

  8. I like how he is covering for the newbies with us, I don't know what peoples problem is with advertising the deck. Anyway I remember when I was starting and this took practice. Lets not pretend you didn't either come on. He is rounding out his channel to make it more beginner friendly, that is hardly pathetic at all.

  9. You advertise your channel too much. if I go around and said "Daniel Madison", no one know who I'm talking about. But every single trick you teach, 90% of my school knows how to do it. my friends knows how to do it. welp, you watch crazy Russian hacker? then you probably heard of this channel. now everyone is running around doing tricks, messing up, and showing others how to do it lol that's why I gave up on your channel. eventually Obama is going to know how to do all the tricks

  10. " This was Disturb Reality, teaching you POWERFUL MAGIC" xD I can't stop laughing. HAHAHA 😀 

    PS Of course, Disturb reality is the best magic channel on youtube, it really teaches true magic, powerful tricks, but this one was preety funny, when Jerek, after modified swingcard tutorial goes "teaching you powerful magic. xD "

  11. @Jarek 1:20 @jarek120 please do a tutorial on prophet please we all want to see your great presentation and learn how to do it please from one magician to another sincerely, tricksandillusionsrepublic

  12. and jarek can you please teach a thread through eye tutorial I really want to know how to do the trick please

  13. guys why are you hating on jarek just chill he's a cool guy and if you don't like his tutorials than go watch 52kards or other magic channels and plus who doesn't like his cxx deck of cards there awesome and hopefully I'm getting some anyway thanks again jarek for everything man

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