How to Revive a Dying Plant

How to Revive a Dying Plant

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Your wilting plant can be spared and revitalized with a little help.

Step 1: Identify the cause
Lift the plant from the pot to check the root system. The roots should be light colored; if not, they are rotting.

Step 2: Fix what is causing the problem
Cut out the rotten parts of the roots and a half inch into the good part of the root using scissors or a knife.

Step 3: Check for insects
Check for insects. If they are present, use a plant insecticide according to the directions.

Step 4: Replant into a new pot
Add about two inches of potting soil into a new pot and put in the plant, adding more potting soil around the plant to stabilize it. Keep adding soil until it’s an inch from the top of the pot.

Your new pot should be a little smaller than the previous one.

Step 5: Water the plant
Add enough water that the pot overflows slightly.

Did You Know?
There are an estimated 400,000 species of plants in the world.

How to Revive “Stale” Bread | Proof Bread

How to Revive “Stale” Bread | Proof Bread


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