Tangled: Growing Up from Broke to Rich! 30 DIYs for LOL OMG

In the new video of LaliLu Land, we will find out if Rapunzel can develop her talent in drawing despite the difficulties. Today we will show her achievements and tell how she overcame obstacles and found support in her hobbies.

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Supplies and tools:
• hot glue gun
• acrylic paint
• stationery scissors
• art brushes
• stationery knife
• dense fabric
• cardboard
• bottom part of a plastic bottle
• craquelure
• accessories
• fabrics
• burlap
• twine
• trash bag
• dry pastel
• hair extensions
• cardboard sleeve
• styrofoam
• corrugated cardboard
• decorative elements
• potal
• ribbon
• foam paper
• stirrers
• nail file
• toy paint cans
• branch
• cutters
• old toy car
• rhinestones
• golden acrylic
• jump ring
• furniture hinges
• decorative corners
• stone-crystal
• doll mirror and comb

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4 Replies to “Tangled: Growing Up from Broke to Rich! 30 DIYs for LOL OMG”

  1. Good ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Pascal doesn't have a wife and he doesn't talk either. It was no surprise that Mrs. Chameleon gave birth to the baby chameleons because most lizards lay eggs, but chameleons keep their eggs inside their bodies and, when the eggs inside hatch, the baby chameleons come out all gooey and slimy. Did one of the baby chameleons poop on Eugene's head? Flynn Rider's real name is Eugene Fits Herbert. It was funny when Mother Gothel replaced Rapunzel with an old lady. Good thing Maximus brought in the real bride. Did Maximus spew gold glitter out of his rear end at Mother Gothel? Mother Gothel isn't Rapunzel's stepmother and she doesn't run a market either. Thank goodness the furniture store manager didn't saw Rapunzel's hair, because, otherwise, Rapunzel's hair would have turned brown and become powerless.

  3. Rapunzel wasn't abandoned at an orphanage and Mother Gothel doesn't run an orphanage. Mother Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel and raised her as her own in a tower deep in the forest. Why didn't Rapunzel turn into a brunet when her hair got cut and how did Rapunzel's hair grow back blonde? I thought that once her hair is cut it turns brown and becomes powerless. The diamond ring Eugene got for Rapunzel was the biggest one I ever saw.

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