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18 Replies to “TARGET FITNESS HAUL!!!”

  1. Omg i love your personality. This is the 2nd video i've seen of yours. Love that you give back to the people in need. I will be subscribing today, cause i know i will love your vlogs and Howie. ❤️

  2. Omg the thing about the peanut butter reminding you of a dog! This is exactly how I feel!!! I said this to someone last week lol.

  3. Howieeeeeee!!!! Love you guys! And I love the interaction between you two. Pup Love <3

  4. Hey girl! Don't use the TOMS bottle anymore.. It was recalled. I work at Target.

  5. Howie is adorable. I thought it was so sweet when you kissed his paw. I used to kiss my dog's paws all the time. 

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