Taste Testing MORE Global Ingredients we’ve NEVER HEARD OF!! Ep 3 | Sorted Food

Today we look at even more incredible global ingredients that our chef Ben had NEVER HEARD OF!! Have you heard of or cooked with any of them before? Comment Below!

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Here are the ingredients we reviewed:
Hominy: https://amzn.to/3u75r56
Gio Bi: https://bit.ly/3ns7RaG
Dried Bean Curd Stick: https://amzn.to/3bBCfNo
Halva: https://amzn.to/3u7ptMH

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17 Replies to “Taste Testing MORE Global Ingredients we’ve NEVER HEARD OF!! Ep 3 | Sorted Food”

  1. As an Aussie – I reckon Kakadu plum or Roo meat. Kanga bangers are great, also love the mince in spag bol.

  2. Max Miller from Tasting History made a video on history of pozole and gives a great background on what hominy is! Go watch it yall 🍲

  3. Ummm… PLEASE don't put cha bi or any types of cha in Pho please…. <– Vietnamese guy. There are other soups that has cha lua (not cha bi as the fat will melt in the soup) in it though!

    Edit: Also, I can see why I've always subconsciously thought Barry was my least favorite of the 3 normals. ;P

  4. Oooh I never really considered that hominy wasn’t common! My mom used to make it for breakfast where you just fry it in butter with salt. Delicious!

  5. Would love to see you do some videos on shopping and cooking for ONE! It's a lot harder to cook shop for one. There are always leftovers and doing something with them is tough. Let's see how you guys do at it. Do a shop, cook, and leftover cook for say dinner for 3 or 4 days using fresh and leftovers. 1st day all fresh cooked and then a mix of fresh and leftovers.

  6. I love halva! It's an acquired taste, to be sure, but it's lovely. The brand I usually get is from Israel.

  7. as a middle eastern I loved seeing you trying tahini halva, its so good on a toast with cream cheese! my go to breakfast

  8. Bean curd skins in hotpot and any kind of braised meat dish is a must! Always have some in the pantry.

  9. Hominy was on the KFC buffets years ago and I wasn't a fan I must admit. It's just starchy and gummy to me and those are things I'm not that fond of. I do appreciate the role it plays in any cultural dishes!!! ❤️

  10. I got so exited when I saw something familiar to me! I love Tahini Halva it’s very common in Saudi Arabia as well.
    I usually have it on toasted white bread with cottage cheese or salty cream cheese and a cup of Arabic Shai tea .. the mix between salty and sweet is SO SO AMAZING!!

  11. Interestingly, I grown up hearing about and eating three of your 1four never-heard-of ingredients. Gio Bi was the new one for me. My dad used to bring home halva for a treat when I was little.

  12. I was surprised to see a Vietnamese ingredient. To clarify, There's No Giò bì in Phở whatsoever. No, thanks.

    It can be put in other noodle soups, which is vastly different from Phở.

    The next common dish to go with this after bánh mì is sticky rice.

  13. Can you have Ben learn how to pronounce the foods please? I love that you are going all around the world but it almost killed me inside when they said cha. Thanks for the episode though! Hope more people benefited from this video.

  14. Glad to see them try hominy! Hopefully they'll try some real hominy grits (not polenta) in the future.

  15. as a Canadian I have seen Halva in the store all the time. haven't tried it,

  16. I’m from New Mexico and Posole (we spell it with an s) is total comfort food. When the weather man says a storm is coming – Posole starts cooking in the crockpot to be eaten with red chile. We have it most Christmas Eves with tamales. It does my heart so good that you Brits liked it.

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