Taste Testing MORE HYPER SEASONAL Fruit!!

You loved the last episode so much we decided to do another! Jamie and Mike review and taste test some more of the World’s Best Hyper-Seasonal Fruit!! Will it BLOW THEIR MINDS AGAIN?!

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14 Replies to “Taste Testing MORE HYPER SEASONAL Fruit!!”

  1. oh my goodness i love this format!! and it reminds me of how much i miss the out takes in every video! bring back the bloopers!!! love you guys 🙂

  2. How could they write "like an apple or an orange"??? THOSE ARE USED AS EXAMPLES OF OPPOSITES LMAO

  3. white sugarloaf pineapple and candy floss grapes are my faves. Would like to try that melon!

  4. Dpeaking of melon… Could y'all do a video or, likely better format, a short, on the best ways to pick a good Honeydew Melon?

  5. i feel like pears are such a gamble. the texture is so often awful and that just ruins the flavor for me. i try one every once in a while though, because a good pear beats the best apple by a landslide. those wolf paw apples though….

  6. I was in Bangalore recently and was able to try Alphonso Mangoes, grown in the fields around the city. Absolutely spectacular.

  7. This may be a dream because I have never come across them again, but I was once given some sweet lemons that were not at all acidic, they tasted like a lemon candy or ice pop. Can anyone tell me if this is real?

  8. their reaction to the wolf's paw apple… "it's like a pom… *shock face*" and they both realised they said it looked like a potato and an apple, and in french, apple is pomme, and potato is pomme de terre.

    or i might be reading a bit too much into it, but if that's it, that's quite impressive.

  9. What is going on with pears in the UK that they sound like such a disappointment??? Pears are one of my favorite fruits. Fresh in season pears are the stuff of magic.

  10. Dont know why but ive never been keen on the floral crunchy pears, i know they are beloved by many but give me a ripe conference pear any day

  11. I simply love those 2 bozos. And I mean it in the best way it can gets. ????????

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