Terry Harrison paints Anne Hathaway's Cottage Part 1 www.roddypainefilms.co.uk

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Watch watercolour artist Terry Harrison as he paints Anne Hathaway’s cottage during a step-by-step photo shoot for his new book.

25 Replies to “Terry Harrison paints Anne Hathaway's Cottage Part 1 www.roddypainefilms.co.uk”

  1. Beautiful!!!!! Terry Harrison will always be my favorite artist! Thanks for sharing your videos!🌻🌻🌻

  2. Thank you Terry Harrison for encouraging me to become a watercolour artist. My dream come true 🎨🌹

  3. Nice class but the music is most off putting when trying to absorb what Mr Harrison is saying. Music does not go with this at all.

  4. Muy practico tus consejos, me encanta como pintas y dominas la acuarela, gracias por enseñarnos.

  5. Excellent. Very clear and easy to understand. I love your style and watching the film crew in the background.

  6. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!, your clases are very clear and usefull to persons like me that just start painting watercolour.
    Thank you very much for all.
    Elba Mucci

  7. Masking fluid on the fence. It prevents any paint from adhering and then when you peel off the masking it remains the white of the paper. Great for helping with layers in watercolor and preserving white areas.

  8. Thanks to everyone for their comments. We should mention that while we shot the film of Terry we are not experts in his techniques or materials. Can we suggest that you have a look at Terry's website terryharrisonart and hopefully this will answer some of your queries. Thanks for watching.

  9. Not sure but most professional watercolor painters use Winsor and newton, American journey, da vinci, Daler-rowney ect.

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