The $2 Sub Sandwich | But Cheaper

Say goodbye to the five dollar footlong sandwich, and say hello to the cheapest homemade cold cut sandwich of your dreams.

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25 Replies to “The $2 Sub Sandwich | But Cheaper”

  1. I'm sorry but you have to be full of shit. There is no way that this sandwich cost 2 bucks. You have to be counting how much it costs to make several and then giving us an average. I don't see how anyone could buy just enough to make one of these and it only cost 2 bucks.

  2. Entertainment, yes. What's the actual cost of the sandwich when you factor in the 10K stove, 5K worth of appliances, Electricity and the fact that normal humans cant get any of those ingredients for the prices you show?

  3. 2 or 3 years ago Jimmy John's bread went to junk. It was good when it had a crust but wasn't stale. Please correct Jimmy John's bread.

  4. I love you Josh, but we all know that single guys are forced to buy, if not in bulk, at least in 4oz or greater form. This concept I've been seeing lately – the breaking down by pricing ingredients by single serving, at least for single-dad foodies, is not realistic. And no dad has the time to break it down, make multiple servings, store them for long term, and then want to eat sub sandwiches for a week straight. Going to subway and buying a $6 footlong is unfortunately – real.
    Help solve that problem – and you'll make a generation of single guys / dads – and their sons – more food educated and well-fed.

  5. No way that’s $2 a serve when you have $15 worth of iceberg lettuce on it.

  6. How to cook the breast in the Instant pot? Anyone got instructions?

  7. Please put mustard on this sandwich and don't taper the ends to resemble nipples. The only place I like nipples is on my women.

  8. bulllllllshiiiit the bread alone would cost 2 dollars lol edit: ok he made the bread himself.

  9. Honestly, the excess mayo you're recommending here is something that bugs me at sandwich places like Jimmy John's. They use fairly hard bread, and they put a lot of mayo on it. This results in all the sandwich fillings trying to squirt out the other end when I take a bite. I hate having to stop eating every couple of bites to open the sandwich and reposition the fillings so my next bite isn't all bread.

  10. This man is using lettuce like it ain’t costing Australia’s their kidneys just for a head
    in Australia rn that little bit of lettuce would make that sandwich like $40

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