The American Ferrari: Apollo GT | Jay Leno's Garage

Learn all about the Apollo GT from the man who wrote the book and from its owner’s family legacy.

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19 Replies to “The American Ferrari: Apollo GT | Jay Leno's Garage”

  1. The light weight of the 215 Aluminium Buick and Max Balchowskys' success with Buick powered specials -Ol Yeller in all its versions, probably sealed it as the engine of choice. BTW Jay, 61 cubes to the litre.

  2. As a young child I dreamed of owning an E-Type roadster. Because I didn't know about this! What a beauty!

  3. I remember seeing this car in the movie The Love Bug. It was called the Thorndyke Special painted in Yellow with a black stripe down the middle. It was my first introduction to the Apollo GT. And at first I thought it was a European sports car. Cause the character Peter Thorndyke sold expensive European sports cars. But then to find out it was an American made sports car with Ferrari inspired styling just blew my mind. Love this car it looks an sounds sexy from every angle.

  4. Huh! You learn something every day! I consider myself a car guy, but I've never seen one of these before. Thanks, everyone, for showcasing this brilliant car! ✌️❤️🙂🇨🇦

  5. The 215 is not a nailhead, they made the valve cover tops horizontal so they would match the styling of the concurrent nailhead, but it is a completely different and more conventional engine (especially in the valvetrain and combustion chamber design).

  6. Looks like someone cut off the cabin of an MGB GT onto an E Type lower body. The interior is right up my street. Nice!

  7. What an amazing story! And it looks better than a 250GTO. That Buick 3.5L has been in so many British cars after Rover acquired the rights for the P5. Wonderful engine.

  8. High school friend/acquaintence (class of '68) got one of these wrecked and restored/rebuilt it. He was one of the "brains" of the student body. Remember reading about them in Road & Track. Bit of a jaw dropper those rare times when he would roll into student parking lot, even tho finish was just primer at that stage. Usually working on it at home…. great to see the vid

  9. It's like a MGB GT and Jag E type made a baby, let the Italians do a few things, and then borrowed a motor from GM. It's the perfect mash up of 1960's automotive culture. I love it.

  10. Always amazing thing at Uncle Jay's Garage.
    Thank you for sharing this Gem!

  11. it's not all american!

  12. Possibly one of the best looking GT cars ever designed, beautiful. Proportions are so nice.

  13. If GM only sold Corvettes- they’d be out of business too…

  14. This car looks similar to the Italian coach built Corvette –

  15. Tell Jay to start the company up again and build again. 🤔👍🚗🌟🤓🌄🚗

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