The art of food photography

Chicago Tribune photographer Bill Hogan and food stylist Joan Moravek talk about the process for creating food photos which appear in the newspaper and online

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  1. buenas q lentes recomienda. para hacer fotos de productos para nikon d5200, y q equipo de iluminacion,saludos

  2. This is what I do too! And he is right about a half day to a day for a special food shot. Luckily I don't charge by the hour and since they are employed by the paper, they don't either.

  3. I've got my restaurant food shoot in about an hour and a half. I'll have more like 10 minutes instead of 5 hours for a dish, but here goes nothing!

  4. This is not really a video on food photography, rather it's a video of a of a food photographer and a food stylist talking about themselves.

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