The BEST Berry Icebox Pie

This easy berry Icebox Pie is perfect for when the weather warms up and you want an amazing dessert without turning on the oven. It has a light and creamy filling packed with berries in a crunchy, sweet and salty preztel crust. It’s amasingly delicious and you can make it way ahead of time and pull it out of the freezer when you want to be the baking star with a dessert everyone will rave over. This lovely recipe just so happens to be from the my cookbook, so if you have a copy, crack it open and bake along with me!



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  1. "Grab your berries"..??????Shame I'm on a diet….which means everyone else in the house is also on a diet!! ????

  2. Oh my gosh, you could lure me into a shady looking van for a slice of that! I hope that wasn’t too inappropriate or anything!???? That pie looks so good! It’s going to be up in the 90’s this weekend, it’ll be a good time to try it. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes. ????

  3. What is a good replacement for Almonds? I'm allergic to them so can't really use them

  4. I knew I recognized that recipe! Your book is absolutely fantastic and I'm so glad I'm subscribed to you. I can't wait to make this Berry Icebox Pie for my friends.

  5. I can binge watch your videos. You're so fun to watch, and I will be purchasing your book. I have a question if you don't mind. My mother has a citrus and peanut allergy. Not adding nuts is easy but what can I substitute lemon/orange juice/zest in some of these recipes and not lose too much of the flavour? Thanks in advance.

  6. This is my favorite type of dessert- creamy and light with a great crust with a hint of nuts. Excited to try this!

  7. I was so bummed when you pulled this video on Tuesday! Been waiting for two days to see it. I'm going to be swimming in boysenberries soon, and this will be perfect.

  8. Oh how I love Lemon Ice Box pie. This berry pie sounds and looks delicious.

  9. This looks absolutely delish????????????. I'm definitely going to make this pie.

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