The BEST Young-Adult Contemporary Books!!!

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  1. i would Highly recommend u to read the To all the Boys Ive loved before trilogy and the summer i turned pretty both by jenny han. they are so good, her writing skills are so good, easy flowing, and if you like the high school type of relationship. i just adore these books, i did not regret picking it up. u should too!

  2. Fangirl you have to read it, I liked Eleanor and Park you will probably love Fangirl! It is for sure one of my favorites!

  3. 1. the outtaker
    2. 13 reasons why
    3. Lola and the boy next door
    4. just one year
    5. looking for Alaska

  4. Am I the only person who reads Laurie Halse Anderson, Bary Lyga, Sarah Dessen or Sarah Waters' novels? People really need to branch out from just the things that are recommended to them and read everything. Some of the best books I've read weren't recommended to me but were in fact just random novels I picked up off the shelf.

  5. The only book on here that I agree with you on is The Outsiders but it's not S.E. Hinton's best book and I wish people would read more than just it and check out That Was Then, This Is Now because I personally view it as her masterpiece. However…John Green?…Really?… I cannot stand his novels. I read Looking For Alaska and thought the characters were drab but the storyline was relatively ok so I decided to read A Fault In Our Stars and it set in stone that I hate his novels and refuse to read anymore. He capitalizes on what will make teeny bopper girls and love sick kids read his novels and knows he's doing it. Yes like the Nickalous Sparks of YA novels…terrible and ridiculous. I just randomly clicked on this video hoping it may be a good watch and was sorely disappointed.

  6. Omg !!!! The DUFF IS AMAZING !!! Like it is really funny and one of my fave contemporary books . And this is saying a lot cause I don't like contemporary books .

  7. This video is my all time favorite! I luv this video! I watched it a few years ago and I come back to it every time I need a good book to read! I luv these books! I read 13 reasons why last year, now I'm working on Looking for Alaska!! So far I'm loving it!❀️ I want to read all of these! I read the first book in middle school in 7th grade, not my fav, but life goes on lol! Thx for all the amazing book reviews! Can't wait to read them!! Especially Eleanor and park!!

  8. I have My Life Next Door but I only read like maybe to chapter 3? I think and I gave up bc I got more books lol is it a good book?

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