The Cheesy Birria Taco Burger

A homemade birria taco inside the juiciest smashburger. Arguably the two best foods in one place.

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21 Replies to “The Cheesy Birria Taco Burger”

  1. It is now day 13 and I am still compelled to request for a “But Healthier” series

  2. Joshua I love your cooking shows. Papa rocks. But in the future could you do a vegetarian dish? I really want to cook your food but in our house we cook vegetarian!!

  3. And then there's me currently waiting for my 2 dollar frozen pizza baguettes to finish cooking in the oven.

  4. Nice looking sandwich Joshua.
    Thanks for the share.
    You make that Birria look so easy (even though it cooked for hours).
    Thank you!

    Happy Cooking,

  5. i will never understand why people dont peel their carlic and or onions, I tried it a cupple of times but I always got some of the skin on my plate

  6. A Birria recipe? Days after I made quesabirria tacos for the first time?

    I know what I'm doing with my leftovers!

  7. Do you think you'll ever do content with Josh from the Mythical Kitchen? Some good ol' Josh on Josh?

  8. Day 17 of asking Joshua to try egusi with either pounded yam or Fufu…. Little warning Fufu is a little stinky 🤗🤗

  9. some the food that you looks great and it probably tastes even better but this burger is not it chief

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