The Chemistry of Good Coffee: The Syphon Method

Paul Whitehead from Alchemy Coffee in London shows the Wall Street Journal The Syphon, a coffee brewing method that looks like something out of chemistry class.

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15 Replies to “The Chemistry of Good Coffee: The Syphon Method”

  1. I use mine daily and love it. They make very good coffee. But I'm used to working with it and use a finer ground. A lot of the critics are more down to user error, or simply that the reviewers are unfamiliar to the concept and only used it a few times. Or just being pretentious and a bit "extra".

    Live with it for six months. Make friends with it. Find the best coffee and grind for it. Then make a review.

  2. 3.25 million subscribers and only 54,731 views since 2014? Non of this makes sense. (views) How much did you pay to try get big?

  3. I just realised something this is the same coffee machine That Walter white's Second Partner from breaking bad Created to make perfect coffee

  4. Yessss, perfecto coffee, go check how I brewed it!! Haha, me just started acc, need some cool friends 🤘🏿

  5. Go AliExpress much cheaper. Don't be fooled that his price. Because they got it from China to and just jacking up the price

  6. Is he talkin bout 75-150 nigerian dollars? If someone pays that much USD for a cup of coffee my faith in humanity is finaly lost for good.

  7. After 39 seconds Paul takes 2 steps to the left, showing our "CONA Size D-Genius All-Glass" siphon coffee maker. Our CONA brand is the 1910 Origin-of-the-Species and our 1962 Abram Games industrial design-classic "D-Genius All-Glass" comes standard with our "All-Glass" filter rod. It literally is over half-a-century ahead of the rest.

    Is it not always the inventor that improves the way he did it, while immitation does not know how. We feel this is why all asian siphon brewers are lesser clones of a pre-WW2 CONA model De Luxe, that was recognized to brew a perfect cup, but also to be clumsy and cumbersome.

    After CONA had already sold 100.000+ of these machines, all this was solved in 1947 when the inventor Abram Games re-designed the CONA to perfection. A giant leap forward in sophistication was his CONA model Rex, that was re-designed to become the definitive 1962 table model Size D. Spending upto $ 125 will buy anyone a retro gadget siphon brewer. Our 2020 sophisticated Quality-made-in-Europe is priced at $ 287.

  8. What makes this any different than coffee grounds mixed in hot water and than poured through a strainer?

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