The Dior Men Summer 2023 Show

Tune into the live unveiling of the Dior men Summer 2023 by Kim Jones show, set in a pastoral reconstruction of Monsieur Dior’s Granville villa and the Charleston Farmhouse.

22 Replies to “The Dior Men Summer 2023 Show”

  1. usually catwalks full of whacky bat shit crazy pieces yiud never find or wish to find on a human body. yet these are cool classic and functional.. love the intro song too

  2. Kim just made a collection of hiking gear and trench coats. He made just things that are already ”hot” (were hot 1-2 years ago) and just made a dior version (salomons, rubber boots, crocs/merrell, hiking clothes). Don’t get me wrong the shoes especially look great and I loved the suit jackets here but this just seems super commercial and not that innovative.

  3. Una sfilata di moda maschile che è anche per noi donne, in tempi di misoginia e femminicidio. Uomini che non hanno paura del loro lato femminile, colore, tessuti freschi, pantaloncini per il caldo e un'eleganza spropositata per capi sportivi. Mi piace.

  4. This is missing the Essence. Dior cruise was so wonderful with Tap and Flamingo alongside fabulous wear.

  5. Some very nice designs shown and I quite liked the colours used as well. I felt the suits looked far too feminine on a male as they had been tailored in at the waist. Loved the shorts, jackets and the longer coats left open to flow behind whilst walking. There are always some garments that I can't see either sex wearing but that's just my opinion. Come on men – dress up!🇦🇺💖🕊

  6. The most beautiful menswear collection I have ever seen in years. I want it all.

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