The EASY Way to Grow Tomatoes That Actually WORKS!

In this video, I show you the easiest way to grow tomatoes at home without staking, caging, or trellising. This method of growing tomatoes is so easy you’ll go red with envy…

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23 Replies to “The EASY Way to Grow Tomatoes That Actually WORKS!”

  1. G'day Everyone, I'll be hanging around and editing/uploading videos over the Xmas break, so you'll likely see me regularly here or on other platforms/social media. Thanks for your support, and all the best over the holidays – stay safe and get into it! Cheers 🙂

  2. Hi Mark,
    I love your videos, I have watched you for a long time, It's the best garden show,
    I live in Stanthorpe so we are much colder here.
    Mark I have been trying to find tree onions and hard neck garlic, but I'm not having much success,
    do you know where I could obtain them please.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, and stay safe.

  3. The best tip for tomatoes i have ever heard is if you are growing tomatoes in a greenhouse you are better off growing on a double corden, so letting one of the side shoots develop so that you have 2 growing stems on indeterminate varieties. This reduces the upward growth and gives more tomatoes per plant. The other thing is that if you love gardening and spending time in your garden then why would you want a low maintenance garden? It's about making the garden that matches what you want out of it.

  4. I have beef tomatoes in the garden, pruned and staked, and red pear cocktail (a vigorous grower) up a trellis. With my left over seedlings I have put them one to a pot, and I am allowing them to grow side shoots. When they set a stalk of fruit I snip the shoot off at the top so the tomatoes are growing as a bush. It has been raining non stop in NZ this spring so I am hoping the extra foliage doesn't promote blight. I'll see which method works best for me.

  5. I grow my cherry tomatoes like this cause they just pop up everywhere…..but I don't really like growing stuff on the ground due to foragers rules…..anything below the knee you leave for the animals.

  6. Thanks, that’s super useful. I’m in a more extreme weather area now and this year the wind is kicking everything so hard (soo many flying containers. peas – across the yard, zucchini’s- ripped out by the roots, potatoes – thrown 5 metres, tomatoes- literally weighed down to keep the from flying to Geelong 🤦🏽‍♀️)

    Can’t tumble this year due to lack of space, but might give it a crack next year and see if this would help protect them from the wind…

  7. Mark your audio in the last few vids have all been lopsided. Just incase no one has told you =D

  8. Cheers Mark, really appreciate this video, as I too have been experimenting with tomatoes here in Townsville. Definitely going to try flopsy tumble lazy methods.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. I was able to keep the deer out of my tomato garden area this summer and when they started ripening, I picked a big bunch and gave them to my neighbors. Next day, I go outside and there is mommy deer in the garden having broken through my fence and eaten all the tomatoes. 😭 I don't have a dog, so I have lots of wildlife and I like the wildlings, but what a way to ruin a day! When I picked the first little bowl of ripe strawberries. I put it down near my porch to go do something and when I came back a little Douglas squirrel was just finishing burying them in the dirt next to the bowl 😂🤣 You really must have a sense of humor if you garden around wildlife!

  10. Hi had the exact same thing happen to me many years ago. I had a rubbish heap out the front and one day noticed tomatoes coming up. I couldn't pick them quick enough I had to give alot away as it was going crazy ..but jeez they tasted good 👍 😋

  11. We used to have a compost bed that was at the end of one of our veg beds. Every year I would just pull it over the whole bed and up would come hundreds of tomatoes both big and cherries. I didn't stake them or tie them I just let them go. We used to get around 2-3 Kgs of tomatoes every single day for 3-4 months!!! and after they were done the pumpkins and butternut squash used to come up wild as well. We used to grow enough from that one bed for enough tomatoes for us for the year including making sauces and sun dried tomatoes and using them fresh AND pumpkins for the year with enough left over to give the neighbours and friends as well. Honestly it was the best veg bed I ever had and I literally did nothing but add kitchen scraps and grass clippings and a few leaves to the compost heap every year. We didn't pull up the old plants just let them do their own thing.

  12. This vids makes me happy, and you sir make me smile ty ahahaha
    I'm growing myself cherry tomatoes too, after failed growing normal tomato cause not fruiting, i tried cherry tomato and i see they are more tough and easier to give fruit xD
    also helped by white bug that looked like flour covered bug, my cherry tomatoes now become non pesticide tomatoes

  13. I would think with ALL the creatures you have there in Australia,there would be nine left. Here in south Fla. I loose a lot to birds, iguanas,and racoons,when I tie them up and TRY to protect them.

  14. I've been doing tomatoes this way for several years now. We don't even need to plant them anymore!

    It's sad seeing neighbors spend hours and hours of work on beefsteaks only to have them fail half the time, while getting 300-500g of cherries every day for several months!

  15. My son and I love your channel! We're in the US, so it actually helps us plan next year's garden better when we can see what you've been experimenting with six months before us. Thank you for all the accessible, great ideas!

  16. Those wouldn't last more than a few days here, slugs and snails would eat them before they even left baby size 😂

  17. G'day Mark.
    Love 'Tomato Hill'. Funny how some things turn out and how good is that! Lots of fun and quality info as always.
    You've got me feeling lazy and just wanting my stuff to grow wild now. 😁

    Thanks mate and all the best.

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