The Final Push | College Dead Week Vlog #5

The final wrap up of our first semester/a very small sneak peak into checking finals and starting winter break! If you want us to possibly answer your question go follow our instagram (@thecheernastics2) because that is where we will most likely post to ask for questions!

19 Replies to “The Final Push | College Dead Week Vlog #5”

  1. ugh i’m so sad the dead week vlogs are coming to an end, absolutely love when you guys vlog!!

  2. I live in Wisconsin but my aunt lives in Iowa and I’ve been to that mall before!!

  3. You should vlog the second semester. I love your videos❤️❤️❤️

  4. I saw you guys at target today and I was to scared to come up and ask for a picture❤❤❤

  5. roughly how long will you be going to school before you be a certified physical therapist.

  6. How was chemistry for you guys? It was a pain in my neck! I hated it so much. Nothing made sense and I passed by the skin of my teeth lol

  7. My question for the q and a is:What are some of your favorite classes? What surprised you about a certain class?

  8. i know it makes u both vv nauseous, but i would love to see an at home/college leg and butt workout without weights but no cardio…maybe a future video?

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