The Finishing Touches On The Bathroom

Chet and I work on hanging the rest of the hardware in the bathroom, and putting all the wood trim on.

Thanks For Watching And For All Of Your Kind Comments!:)

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22 Replies to “The Finishing Touches On The Bathroom”

  1. You 2 are so cute together. You can see the love for each other. This is hard to watch . Very kind of family to let me get to know Nikki and Chet .

  2. I love Nicole’s color scheme great work Chet. You two sound just my kids remolding the kitchen.

  3. Nicole im so sorry i never watched your channel when you where making the videos your a beautifully sister.all her videos where so funny and now sad .that your with the lord i know you are

  4. Falling in the bathroom and having stuff fall off the wall along with Sheetrock dust is pretty common. Trust me on this, I am a paramedic

  5. Do you guys really like that little shower. I’m not in favor of those drop-in plastic it’s a cheap builder grade and you can’t even turn around in it. Forget about trying to get two people in that thing.

  6. I’m done with the towel rail where next house is for me alone. Or extremely thick ply behind gib rock.

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