12 Replies to “The Fluffiest Omelet EVER”

  1. I love making these its not so hard as most say but just adds an extra step and its super fun and cute to make

  2. I've done this a couple of times. I find its more trouble than its worth.

  3. Don't omelettes have something like cheese meat or vegetables inside? This is just a scrambled egg that's not been broken up. Isn't it??? ????

  4. I adore you, but I do not like “fluffy omelettes,” just as I do not care for fluffy, huge pancakes. Maybe it is just me, but if eggs are fluffy, they should also be creamy, like a soufflé. I prefer French style omelettes…soft scrambled eggs, and fried eggs without the crunchy bits. I know…so American, well, not really.

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