The Future of Keto Baking (All is not lost!)

I will be discussing the new study on erythritol and what it means for the future of keto baking.

Spoiler alert… all is not lost! I don’t plan to stop baking and you don’t have to either.

A few important links to check out ➡️

Article about the original study (with requisite alarming sounding headline):

Original paper in Nature (very dense and not easy to read for the layperson):

Follow up article in NYT (much calmer, less alarmist)

Video by Dr. Ken Berry breaking the study down:

11 Replies to “The Future of Keto Baking (All is not lost!)”

  1. Well, honestly I’ll just keep using it erythritol, I only bake on the weekends, also, who knows if “other sweetners” are “worse” or “better” than erythritol since there aren’t many studies on them… at the end of the day who knows if allulose is worse?☹️ we got to wait a couple of years to find out whats the perfect sweetner. Just like tobacco, many decades ago Doctors recommended it to sick people until they found out how bad it was for people who smoke it, what do yall think?

  2. I absolutely will continue having erythritol. Im just not that worried about it.

  3. First, Happy Birthday!! Mine is this week, too!
    Second, thank you SO much for this post/video!! I actually missed this mess initially and started hearing about it Tuesday, with friends at lunch. Can I tell you, one of my friends is in the doghouse with me over it! Not only did she freak out and toss all her stevia/erythritol packets (which is her choice, of course) but she took it upon herself to alarm my husband the next day about the "dangers" since I am absolutely NOT stopping using erythritol. ? I've been around the block a time or two with this stuff and not buying the hype, lol.

  4. I've always drank DC and was told the sweetener is bad causes cancer etc. Now I'm told Swerve is bad. eek! Now I'm thinking allulose ,or stevia is my only choice.

  5. This reminded me of when they warned us about saccharine and they were feeding massive amounts to tiny rats all at one time, and they died, well no kidding!

  6. Corn and Corn derivatives are not good for us for a variety of reasons. Erythritol, Allulose, Swerve are all made from Corn derivatives. Stevia is almost always paired with (Corn) Dextrin or (Corn) Dextrose. Corn is used so much for so many reasons because it’s the U.S.’s cash crop. Companies use it because it’s cheap.
    I wish that the fact that U.S. food is not regulated properly would be spoken about in addition. For example, most people don’t know that ALL processed Salt is processed with Corn dextrin as a “stabilizing agent” which raises our blood glucose & is also full of Glyphosate. So unless you’re watching what kind of Salt you’re using (only Raw Salt = Pink Himalayan & raw Sea Salt) your blood sugar is going to be slightly triggered by table salt, kosher Salt & restaurant Salt. When you just see the word “Salt” on a label know it has Corn in it that the FDA doesn’t label. That’s why the majority of people leave restaurants hungry or feel hungry after eating processed or prepared foods. Also, no one regulates MSG (also made from GMO Corn), or “spices”, or Natural Flavors (all GMO Corn) that Restaurants use & processed foods add to raise our blood glucose and keep us riding the wave of unstable blood sugar. This is a major cause of WHY people are so hungry in the first place, but no one talks about it. I’m passionate about it since I’m super allergic to Corn & had to learn all of the hidden truth & dangers behind food additives & how much GMO Corn is used in America (since it’s our #1 cash crop). 100% organic Munkfruit is in fact the only true Keto sweetener & it’s healthiest for us as a no calorie sweetener. Also, BochaSweet (which comes in granular & powdered forms), is also great for us since it’s made out of Kobocha Squash. While it does lower our Ketones, it also doesn’t create a large glucose spike. I am hoping & praying that amazing Keto chefs & Keto bakers will embrace using only 100% Munkfruit & or BochaSweet. Corn derivatives are not healthy for us.

  7. I didn't believe it, I think they were trying to scare us and knock keto. I am keto and love the way I feel. Keep doing what your doing. Yes the media I never believe them they have an agenda and it's not good.

  8. I EAT EVERYDAY…" ALL day baking"
    I use Swerve….and whatever? I eat EVERYMORNING….a yummy muffin….cookies….cakes….I am 72. Ha ha. Keep baking dear, koz me continue to eat it. Heeeeheeeee

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