The Ghost-Side Control Escape

Here is the Ghost by Chris Herzog from 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Rochester.

Chris is a Brown belt under Eddie Bravo and has some MAD skills. Check him out if you are in the New York Area or contact him for seminar information!

26 Replies to “The Ghost-Side Control Escape”

  1. Great video- I love that you show the person countering, transition and possible finishes. All product, no filler.

  2. I've used this technique (without the whizzer) a couple of times and it has worked about 50% of the time. It's a nice addition to my arsenal.

  3. "pimp arm" hahahahahahaaaaa! cos it's stiff, like giving a bitch a good stiff slap.
    fuckin 10th planet names are funny as shit yo!

  4. When you got the overhook isn't there a chance for the opponent to spin and go for an armbar?

  5. Great option (Ghost). Practicioners should remember there is not a technique that can't be countered!

  6. You might not be getting on your side enough initially. The straight arm and being on your side is whats stopping your partner from pinning you. Also when the straight arm is moved to under-hook it has to be quick, powerful and not telegraphed.

  7. This is meant to be an option, not a go-to move. I do agree it might be more fun than technical but its better to have 5 side escape rather than 4. Just something to throw in your chain of moves. I get guys way better than me in random things like this every now and then.

  8. He probably knows better than you, I would guess Chris would crush you over and over if you two grappled. He is instructing a specific technique, not every single possibility anyone could ever do to counter it. Chances are if you grappled him, he wouldnt ever need an escape anyway, because he wouldnt be in an inferior position.

  9. Question. I was working this escape with my class last night and found that (if doing the escape of same side) if i wizard my left arm, when I swing my legs around there is nothing to stop the guy on top to just pin my head with his chest. Was I doing something wrong, just wondering?

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