The most overrated ration on the planet???!!!

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Here’s an Italian armed forces ration from 2014, not in the best condition, but does it still hold up??

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17 Replies to “The most overrated ration on the planet???!!!”

  1. Outside of steve mre this is by far the best channel for mres. Please don't screw it up with the clickbait titles

  2. I'm quite sure now that I'm thinking about it, I've eaten 3 year expired ravioli before.

    "It's best before not expiry" – my mom.

    I always like your videos, sticky! Good work

  3. complain about weight? it's a true and complete 24h ration and it doesn't need water to be added, so what do you expect?
    complain about taste? keep in mind that every ration express the related country common taste (I had US MREs and they always taste kinda dog's vomit)
    complain about quality? every item is top notch commercial item, you can easily find it in every italian supermarket, and this is why its taste is familiar to any italian serviceman

  4. Just to let everyone know, that the whining type of attitude by some of these people, will be a very good indicator that most of them likely at best maybe part-time guard/reserve at that. Most likely are not even outdoors people. Most of these people would be scorn & basically " ran out of the unit areas" for sure. The packaging that's cardboard, are saved & used as fuel for cooking the rations. The old steel pot was used to for carrying water to use in cooking & top off of the canteens.

  5. I was seriously disappointed with my Italian ration. It’s not a fighting ration for sure.

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