The Sauciest Pasta Alla Vodka in 30 Minutes or Less | Eric Kim | NYT Cooking

Penne alla vodka has been a staple of many Italian American menus, and for good reason: The alcohol is said to enhance the sharp heat and deep savory flavors of the dish and to help fat disperse more evenly, keeping the sauce glossy and creamy.

Eric Kim is showing us his take on the dish: Ricotta Pasta Alla Vodka, in which he adds a few dollops of ricotta on top to finish it off. The inspiration came from the creamy tomato soup that used to grace the menus of the now-closed Caffe Falai in Manhattan’s NoLIta neighborhood. The ricotta lends coolness both in temperature and in flavor, lending relief between bites of spicy booziness.

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8 Replies to “The Sauciest Pasta Alla Vodka in 30 Minutes or Less | Eric Kim | NYT Cooking”

  1. Thank you Eric – awesome recipe as always. We always a little smarter in the kitchen after watching your instructions.
    Thanks to everyone who "liked" my last post on Eric's video asking for MORE Eric.
    And thanks to whomever at #NYTcooking social media passed the word on.

  2. Heck ya! I second that Eric. I think I might request myself to make this for my birthday supper. Lolll

  3. I’m not sure why a person would choose to make this dish in this way unless they didn’t have access to the traditional ingredients. This looks like it will be simultaneously acidic, way too peppery (black and red?) and yet excessively full of dairy to the point that you will deeply regret eating this later. This is a special occasion dish. Making it this way (as if it’s meant to be on the fly) cheapens the original.

  4. Eric Kim slowly entering goated status as a youtube personality

  5. Eric seems so nice! And this looks so good! I will absolutely be trying this out!!

  6. at a buffet, i personally sneak corndogs into the buffet so others can enjoy them. I hide 6 corndogs in my jacket pockets. it then, is a joy for me to see other patrons of the establishment eat my corndogs thinking they were part of the buffet.

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