The STRONGEST Subfloor System We've EVER Built! – THE SHOP Part 4

Hey Gang, in today’s video we lay our subfloor system. We plan on moving pretty fast with this project, which may mean that the pressure treated lumber we’re using won’t have enough time to fully acclimate to it’s new home. When it shrinks, we want to minimize the amount of pushing and pulling it does to our bathroom. We think we have some pretty great solution to counter this problem. We’re excited to have our 2×6 subfloor down and next up is our 2×4 curbless shower framing! Thanks for all the support on the videos and we’ll see ya in the next one!


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  1. This is probably a dumb idea, but would it make sense to drill holes in the sides of the joists to all any moisture that might collect in one of the "compartments" to be able to evaporate out or at least spread out. That is, is moisture down there a concern?

  2. Love this channel and the work you guys do. I’m in Florida and I wish I could hire you

  3. I love those Milwaukee big hawg hole saws. They’re not quite as fast as a self feed but they have tons of other advantages. They make less of a mess. You don’t have to be as careful because they don’t bite and throw you around. They also cut through nails without getting torn up. Also because they’re carbide, they’ll drill through stucco, cement board, and other small cement based products.

  4. I saw a Chevy emblem on the back of the wall so if it’s what I think it’s gonna be it’s going to be one heck of a shower 🤘🏼💙🔥

  5. Will the pvc pipe sitting on the wing nut eventually wear a hole after decade of vibration from the drainage? The metal is definitely harder than the pvc and can wear it.

  6. When I was building my house I wanted very strong floors. Luckily the construction contractor was a older guy and all I had to tell him was to make it like they would have California King waterbeds in them.

  7. Super impressive and ingenious solutions. Did you have any point consider using level quick to level out the floor?

  8. 2” galvanized 2 hole straps to help anchor your 2” branch lines. Every 4’ , looks awesome other than that! Can’t wait to see the next one

  9. How do you decide whether to use nails or screws when building? I noticed you used both here

  10. I was waiting for someone to mention the Chevy logo on the wall since you both have Fords.

  11. You should tell Jordon to have knee pads or kneel on a pad or he will be looking at knee replacements later on in life I know from experience working all my years on high rise construction

  12. sometimes i smile because its good, sometimes i shake my head like who in tf taught em xD.. You did all that "strengthening" only to make the middle as weak as you could??

  13. With all due respect fellows you had a full bubble of pitch on that pipe when you put the level on that 4-in PVC and in all honesty all you need is a quarter bubble Too much pitch will cause the water to run faster then the toilet paper and the waist and leave the waste behind and block up the line. But being that it's a short run you'll probably get away with it, but in the future use caution.

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