The Surprising Truth About Email Marketing in 2018

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Hey, everyone, it’s Neil Patel, and I’m here for another Q and A Thursday, I’m here with Adam from

0:15 This one’s from Radoslav, and he wanted to basically, ask you does email marketing still work? He finds that it is hard with Google filters to make it to the inbox and people are just not even really checking their emails, so he’s not even convinced that he should use email marketing with his agency.

0:30 First off, anytime a business operates, they need email. Yes, there’s Slack, there’s Skype, there are many other communication channels, but businesses still revolve around email, and if businesses still use it, you can bet that if you get an email in their inbox and they read it, you can generate sales.

1:00 For that reason, emails aren’t going away. Gmail ads are growing in revenue, more and more people every single quarter are leveraging Gmail ads just because they know emails are powerful. So the first part of your question is, are emails valuable, yes. I know that’s not directly what you answered, but the second part, which I’ll get to is, do they still work, yes, because people still read emails.

1:50 GDPR has come out, and with GDPR, and I love it you have to put a little tick box saying, yes I authorize you to send me weekly emails. So that way they know what they’re getting into and you’ll find that that increases your open rates because the people who click that tick box want your emails.

2:15 The second thing that most people don’t tell you with email marketing is, you need to scrub your list. If you have 100,000 email list, and that’s usually the threshold, once you hit 100,000 you’re going to notice that your email open rates just start tanking and it’s because people don’t clean their lists often enough, I clean my list monthly. And some email providers do this like ConvertKit does this I don’t think MailChimp does this, but I think MailChimp wants you to keep paying out money for the inactive emails.

2:45 The whole purpose of cleaning the emails are for the people who aren’t opening your emails and engaging, you just stop sending them emails. And by doing that yes your email list shrinks, but what you’ll find is, the people you send the emails to the engagement goes up, and Gmail and Outlook look at engagement more than anyone else and it’s a really high priority, for if they’re going to put the email in the inbox and if you’re only sending emails to majority of the people open it and you start having 20-30% open rates, you’ll notice that your emails go into the inbox versus the Promotion tabs.

4:00 Don’t use email templates, use text-based emails and add in links. You also don’t wanna add more than three links to your site; I try only to do one. If you add in too many, you’re going to notice that you also won’t see amazing deliverability.

4:15 Make sure you whitelist your emails. So go to AOL, they whitelist, you can use services like Return Path. Outlook and Gmail don’t do whitelist services. But if you follow these tips, you’ll be good to go. And you’ll get in the inbox.

4:30 Make sure you test creative subject lines like ones that your friends would send, lower case, things like hey did you see this, right? Of course, it needs to be relevant to your business or the offer you’re producing, if you dupe people they’re going to get upset, I’m giving you an extreme case so you can try to have the creative juices start flowing and come up with really good ideas. But it’s not that hard to get in the inbox.

5:50 Scrub your list, don’t put too many links, don’t add images and videos, and only send to people who want them.

6:00 If you like the content we’re giving, leave a comment, ask a question, we may answer it in next week’s Q and A Thursday video, or I’ll respond to your comment no matter what. Thank you for watching, let other people know about the video. Appreciate you watching and taking the time out of your day.

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  1. We love you Neil. You are born for us. Thank you sir 🙏🏻❤️

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    I am shrijon ghosh, I work in Digital marketing Bangladesh. I am a SEO Specialist.

  3. I am really inspired by you.
    Plz give me some tips on email marketing.

  4. Love Neil! He's an incredible marketer. As a newbie, I know he's added at least a year experience to my marketing education.

  5. Just revisited this video. Even though it was a few years old, i still learned a lot. Thank you, Neil! you are so amazing and such a giver.

  6. Hi, Does Aweber have the best deliverability? And do Mailchimp messages mostly go to promotion tabs? Thanks

  7. What should be the maximum number of emails sent from a relatively new business email? And should there be a time gap between one email to the next?

  8. You are such an amazing person Neil! I always learn so much from your videos. Thank you so much!!

  9. Trying to avoid images and videos, using text instead. A controversial point. Altogether, super video! Can't wait to try to send emails without pictures and see results.

  10. Hey Neil! Im just getting started with Email marketing. What software do you recommend for me? I have my own digita product by the way and I already have a list

  11. Neil is awesome and I follow his stuff. The only thing about this video is that the advice is super blanket-advice. Ask yourself this: If my frequency is bi-weekly and the first few emails you get from my business as a new subscriber, are plain with no images and the language is cavalier and casual… Might you ask yourself: Why did I get this? Who is this? Is it safe? Why does it look unprofessional? Where's the branding? There are amazing techniques to growing your list and getting/keeping people in engaged and here's a tip: Be transparent, Set expectations, Target and Deliver Value. Then you don't have to do anything that might seem sneaky or unsettling. If I offer you a tip you love and find valuable, it doesn't matter what my emails look like when I send you something. If it's relevant, timely, you asked for it, are aware of the value and find being my reader a good experience, then you'll open it. Getting people to signup is the challenge and you have to be specific in your lead magnet content in terms of relevance. "In Retail? Want to increase your following by 10% in 14 days, try these 5 proven and specific tips. Sign up and get these 5 and more related tips every two weeks." Those tips better be actually proven and have data to support.

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