The Truth About ‘Being in the Moment’ | Sadhguru

Sadhguru looks at the popular new-age concept of ‘be in the moment’ and ‘seize the moment’, and explains what it means to live life to the fullest.

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Considered among India’s 50 most influential people, Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, bestselling author, and poet. Absolute clarity of perception places him in a unique space, not only in matters spiritual but in business, environmental and international affairs, and opens a new door on all that he touches.

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Inner Engineering is a comprehensive course for personal growth that brings about a shift in the way you perceive and experience your life, your work, and the world that you live in.


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Launched by Sadhguru, Save Soil is the world’s largest people’s movement, reaching 3.91 billion people to address impending soil extinction by supporting governments to create policies for soil revitalization.

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30 Replies to “The Truth About ‘Being in the Moment’ | Sadhguru”

  1. I'm trying to visit the Isha foundation guru ji. I have been asking my parents about it. But they are saying no. Is there anyway that I can convince them. It's been fourth time i asked them. I just wanna see how good your foundation is namaskaram Sadhguru 🙏🙇

  2. He is so right. I think that the beauty of remembering and being cognizant the present moment is that it gives you the chance of remembering who you ARE and not just a projection of yourself. The wonderful significance of seeing your SELF is shocking, in my experience. It is the basis of beauty.

  3. The main teaching by Sadhguru in his Inner Engineering is about “ being in the moment “ and the inevitability of the present moment . I don’t understand why now he needs to make such a video

  4. "Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." _John R. Wooden

  5. The truth is something you will never know. You cling onto hate more than you know. You things look like demons.

  6. Living in the moment is a medicine for a certain sickness, and this is a certain medicine for that medicine being abused.

  7. My lifes goal is similar to what you're doing these days… giving good methods for tomorrow… id like to talk to you about some things

  8. In inner engineering program, they told us to be in the skshanam(present). You are being hypocritical Guruji and that’s seemingly because of your ego. Disappointed

  9. Ether Sadhguru misunderstands the idea of living in the now or he understands that many others misunderstand. I think Tolle explains it best. It is about how many of us suffer from the things we have experienced or live in fears and dread for what may happen. It is called depression and anxiety and it is an epidemic here in the west for sure. Not sure it is helpful to poke fun at the idea. Of course we must learn to use our intelligence and the emotions as tools and not be crippled by them. I have great respect for yogi and other eastern teachings but there seems to be a bit of prejudice and dismissal towards the west, it's teachers and idea.

  10. Even if you are thinking of the past or the future , you are thinking in the present moment,here and now….we cannot escape from this moment anyway…..the question is just of absolute awareness 💙

  11. Time de tradução por favor coloquem esse video na lista pra traduzir pra português, é de valor enorme pra as pessoas do brasil esse conteúdo 🙏🏼

  12. Because I am very confuse in my life and I have become like a demotivating child my uncle told me that I have become old and my relative get angry because they are telling to me that I am no more a child I had become old and also say to me that baccha hota hai jise dekhkar khusi hoti hai par tumko dekh kar gussa aata hai. They said to me that I am not from this planet, I am showing off thai I am very intelligent. My own mind say to me to left my home and left this world because I feel very lonely

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