18 Replies to “The Ultimate Guide For The Perfect Steak”

  1. Men during the 1900s to their wives:
    "What are you looking at? Get off your lazy ass and get into the kitchen!"

  2. Hey! You're amazing at what you do. You definitely have a magical touch ✨️ question: What type of seasonings do you recommend always keeping in the kitchen?

  3. i think guga was crying inside when max didnt mention garlic powder to season ????

  4. Side effect of learning how to cook a steak for real for real is never really enjoying restaurant steaks ever again, because "wow, i could have cooked this how i wanted for half the price" will definitely cross your mind.

    PS don't use nonstick unless it's a cast iron you seasoned. Nonstick coating doesn't work the same for getting the crust.

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