The Worlds *Most* POWERFUL Truck: The F-150 Lightning

Ford has taken Electric Vehicles to the next level. Lets hope everyone else can keep up. The new F-150 lightning can power an average home in the USA for THREE WHOLE DAYS. The massive battery pack and electric motors are a beast off road, can tow up to 10,000lbs, while still coming home at night to keep your entire house safe from power outages. Mind blowing. Nice work Ford!

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14 Replies to “The Worlds *Most* POWERFUL Truck: The F-150 Lightning”

  1. As a current 2018 F150 owner, this is truly my dream truck. I love my 3.5L EcoBoost, but I’d trade it in a heartbeat.

  2. I'm historically not a Ford fan, as all the many fords we've owned are at the mechanics 3x more than Chevy etc. I would say I'm very impressed with the lighting. I think it will blow the competition out of the water. It is so much more of a git r done work truck. It also has the familiar conventional truck feel while being electric, which for a lot of the middle aged and older population (ones with money) will be a great transition to electric. They obviously thought a great deal about the customer in very innovative ways.

  3. So basically, if they came up with an all-electric camper to mount onto this truck they'd be basically living with minimum cost? Neat!

  4. making gas trucks for 100 years dont mean the same as making ev's. This is only ford's second attempt at making an ev platform.

  5. I agree with everything you said until you brought up passing ability and acceleration. Please watch hoongian video where they race plaid model S vs and Audi R8

  6. I have wanted a Tesla since they announced the original Roadster. But when I heard about this, I no longer wanted a Tesla, I want this.

  7. okay yeah he's showing the power and all but 86 in a 50 is still funny, acting like you're in TX, lol

  8. I'm always curious about these tests. Are you responsible for any damage?

  9. Well I think I would go with Ford F150, I had one years ago, but I think I would perfer an 8 ft box and 2 doors and no sun roof. I would add a fiberglass cap for the 8 ft bed and all the interior goodies and a oversized battery.

    My question is can I have it Zbarted or undercoating since I live in the rust belt.

  10. the sound is not for "hard of hearing", its actually so the visually impaired can hear it (b/c they cant see it)

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