these are the easy wedding trends you'll want to DIY

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So I’ve been doing some research trying to figure out what’s trending for weddings this year. We know softer neutrals have been going strong for a while now, but I think we’re starting to see a major shift to using lots of colour in wedding decor. I love it. And based off of this shift in trend, I’m seeing a lot more sculptural flower arrangement using colour.

When it comes to wedding florals, they are obviously highly desirable, but it comes at a cost and quite a big one, for something that is so temporary. They’re so beautiful and effortless…there’s no question on the appeal, but when I was thinking about this trend, I just thought there has to be a middle ground here. And that’s when I thought that dried flowers feels like a great approach.
Not only does it give you the colourful vibe that’s trending, but it also gives you the option to prepare all your florals ahead of time because they last! Plus, you have the option to keep them afterwards, whether it’s physical memories of your wedding day or to repurpose the flowers completely. It’s definitely worth shopping around for the best prices.


Toronto Floralist –
Pressed Dried Flowers –
Photoshop stationary templates –


0:00 – intro
0:56 – easy DIY floral table centrepiece
5:18 – DIY floral wedding table numbers
9:39 – DIY floral menu & invitation stationary
11:26 – DIY floating floral arrangement (baby breath wedding decor)
17:26 – outro

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30 Replies to “these are the easy wedding trends you'll want to DIY”

  1. Oh my gosh! I love all the ideas. And using dried flowers is not only a brilliant idea it's cost saving. I was super blown away by the hanging flower arrangement, she is next level. No one would believe that you personally colored those flowers and hand arranged is them. It legit looks like an expensive flower shop arrangement.

  2. You could not have made this at a better time! I am getting married on September 16 and my wedding is very eclectic with dried florals. I have those exact same flowers from Amazon, and I have a bunch of dried florals from Hobby Lobby. I have been trying to decide what invitations to do, I was originally going to do ones like Becky did for her wedding, but the print shop near me said it had to be laser safe watercolor paper and I couldn’t find that anywhere. These perfectly match my wedding theme. Thanks!!!!!!

  3. I might recommend using a sheet of transparency like for an old school overhead projector, or clear page protector instead of going directly on the glass, just because you can run it through most printers if you like, and can easily remove from the frame after without difficult cleaning.

  4. i dont have space and im also not sure if ill get tired of it quickly but i need the hanging floral arrangement in the middle of my room. omg it is so beautiful aaaaaa

  5. Excited for my recently engaged sister-in-law, I know she's got a lot on her plate rn, and planing to wait a bit, but I am so excited to help if and when she asks. I'd love to help them save $ with DIYs if they want.

  6. We'd love another Sorry Girls wedding, but in your own time, and on your own terms.

  7. Rachael is fabulous! My mum made dried flower arrangements for my weeding bouquets and they were gorgeous! I love the colours and everything in this video! Bravo ????

  8. These diy fit the vibe I had for my wedding in September! Wish this came out last year!

  9. I thought Canada used the metric system? Why do you guys always say inches?

  10. I've had a similar idea to the second diy for quite some time, even prepared the pressed greenery for it, it's wild to see it trending now

  11. Im getting married june 10th in my backyard and im struggling to make it look nice so yall are coming in clutch!!!❤❤

  12. The first ine would be so cute with old beams! I also made something similar using grapevine branches once, perfect if you want something more organic/rustic

  13. I love Toronto and watching you walk down Queen Street made me want to visit again!!

  14. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU IM SO LOST ????????????( My excitement noises just scared my fiancé????)

  15. I love all the diy`s they`re so pretty! I was thinking the baby`s breath one would be perfect for over the food table at a baby shower!

  16. It's this video showing up when I'm literally overseas for a wedding and was just assigned to flower deco duty for me???? Thanks, Rachel!

  17. These are gorgeous but I have no idea how you finished the back of that sculpture! It was looking rough back there. Maybe you could add it as a short or explain?

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