These Store Cupboard Ingredients will TRANSFORM Your Cooking!! | Sorted Food

Today our chefs have created a list of ingredients they think the normals and you should have in the cupboard at home, and some of them aren’t used in the way you’d think they are…

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20 Replies to “These Store Cupboard Ingredients will TRANSFORM Your Cooking!! | Sorted Food”

  1. Flipping loved this episode! I had no clue what else to do wit fish sauce. I also have had a bottle for years..just sitting in the fridge. Guess how many times I've made sauce and beef stew..yep..could of used some of that fish sauce. 🤦‍♀️

  2. Oh I like this video and love the concept for a series – of ingredients and their 'role', sort of, in recipes, to give a sense of where you can mix and match, which is how I like to cook.
    I do have and use all these ingredients – the way I think of fish sauce is basically, where you'd use Worcestershire sauce (as Ebbers said). Reminded me I should get some miso, too.

  3. Did you guys get new cameras? The older videos looked better somehow, just from the video quality.

  4. Thank you for this video. We have every single one of these at home, and they are just waiting for us to use in the one food everyone knows. This gives me some options or at least inspiration so thank you greatly !!!

  5. i remember you guys mentioning aleppo pepper years ago and ever since then i've tried in vain to find some. any tips?

  6. Here's a game changer for you to try: Try mixing Tahini, a squeeze of lime juice, some chilli flakes, salt and pepper and some brown sugar and eat that as a dip with french fries a.k.a Chips. You may also add some extra sesame oil and sesame seeds. This also works really good with Peanut Butter or Cashew Butter.

  7. Is it possible for you to raise the audio levels here?
    It appears lower than usual, recently.

  8. I cant recall, but have the stuff with the chef skills challenges been finished? Dont recall seeing anything about a winner, unless I missed that video

  9. Love this video idea so much! Crispy chilli oil is one that has become invaluable in my cupboard – cannot be without 😁

  10. My girlfriend is vegetarian
    I put miso in all her food I make for her like
    Stews and curry’s it gives that almost meaty flavour that her food almost always is missing

  11. I loved this!!! I have some of those ingeridets in my cabin, and know i know little more about them and how to use them!!!! Thank you guys!

  12. MSG…..where is MSG on your list?
    Every person on earth should be using it in every dish they make.

  13. throw a two or three anchovies into your spaghettis sauce, you'll be amazed at the difference!

  14. I love this. I would love to see many uses of the same ingredient. I can justify keeping something in stock if I use it 3 or 4 different ways. Great idea guys! Please do this again!

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