12 Replies to “things are gonna be a little different…”

  1. colie you are not lazy! your a a teen who deserves the world. you make so many people happy! even if it were once a month we will still be your biggest fans. we love u so much colie! xx 💋

  2. hey nicole i just want to say i appreciate what you've been doing for us for sosososo long and I've been watching you for like 3 years now and i definitely know you have a passion for youtube and please don't stress yourself out for us, trying to please us and your feelings are totally valid! Overworking is very common and so is being overwhelmed and putting us above yourself! Im glad u decided to take a break or relax a little for your mental health and we will always be here for you! You got this colie and i hope u get your passion and crave for this back and i love you soso much! Also just wanna say not practicing what you're preaching is totally normal u i do that myself a lot and i understand that you want to help us but lets make sure that you're okay before you help us! We appreciate you so much and we totally understand you <3

  3. broooooo how do people not understand how hard it is to film and edit a video twice a week its NOT easy. colie ilysm and i just want to know that i understand this decision. pls take breaks and focus on urself i dont want you to feel overwhelmed. just know that you are loved and appreciated by many. i cant wait for all your friday posts! <333

  4. Hello, Humans
    Banks have therapists known as “wealth psychologists” who help ultra-rich clients who cannot mentally cope with their immense wealth.


  5. Your a teenager it's understandable that you need a break everyone needs a break once a while. Never put so much pressure on yourself and take care of yourself more then ever, self love is everything!❤️ Thank you for never disappointing us!❤️ I Love your videos! Take care and stay safe! ❤️❤️

  6. you are a true teenager and you deserve to live YOUR life, it’s okay that your only posting once a week, and I really hope you get to enjoy those moment that are precious to you. no one will be mad of the wise decision you have made, i’m glad your happy to make this decision and get to live a better life, I hope you also get more sleep as you won’t have to edit so much anymore ❤️😻🫶🏽 thank you colie for teaching me lessons that I have learnt about and making content for all you subscribers, you are truely so amazing 🫶🏽

  7. I’m so glad that you are trying to be passionate about YouTube while also thinking about us!!

  8. i think we all saw this coming, i mean watching your vlogs and seeing how you would get no sleep to be able to post when you had school stressed even me out. you are 100% making a good decision and i’m glad you are lightening the load you carry. best wishes nicole, keep inspiring others! ❤❤

  9. Nicole, you work so hard to get out content for us, it's ok to slow down and take care of your mental health. Don't let the mean comments get to you, you are awesome, keep going!!

  10. You are an amazing human being and show me everyday that I can just be positive and not so negative. Don’t bring yourself down we love you

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