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I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I started a MASSIVE home declutter that I realized how much the clutter in my messy home was weighing on my mind. For me, decluttering is also self-care – it’s helped my mental health so much! In this video, I’m sharing a list of things I stopped buying to reduce my anxiety, with the added benefit of being able to save money while feeling calmer and more relaxed in my home. Family minimalism changed my life, and it can change yours, too!


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– Height = 5’6″
– Weight = 135 lbs

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Along my journey to let go of 30 years of clutter, I accidentally became a minimalist and it was life-changing.

Before, I was an emotional hoarder with nothing but the clutter from lost loved ones — and $25,000 of debt — to my name. Now I have a beautiful home in Europe, a happy family, live debt-free, and — best of all — wake up to a life that I’m EXCITED to live every day.

My mission is to help you conquer your clutter and simplify YOUR way to a happier and better life. HERE’S OUR STORY:


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  1. I didn't click on this initially because I thought "how would this help me? What you don't buy?! I'm just going to be told I'm doing life wrong I don't want to watch this" but then I was like "okay fine ????" …it wasn't what I expected at all. It was exactly ???? sensible and relatable information so I recommend it to anyone whose RSD was triggered by the title ????

  2. I feel the same way now I was a total bookworm and had hundreds of books that's where I started to declutter, now if I have a paper book I feel I read it intermittently but read my Kobo all the time. Have not got into audio books sometimes the way they read it can irritate me! ????

  3. I enjoy audiobooks too but there's some proof that reading vs listening to non-fiction has better outcomes in learning situations because it's much easier to go back and check on text rather than on audio. So I like to listen to "lighter" books which are not as immersive (as part of my focus will always be on another task, such as folding laundry or tidying) and then read print books for a more immersive experience (because I can't do any other tasks simultaneously). I think some studies show that while audiobooks are no worse or better, they engage a different part of the brain than print books. So personally, I enjoy a mix!
    Great video!

  4. Do you have a video who guides us what to by as clothes because I need to decluter more but I also want to have things I can mix….

  5. Great video, the brand and color of you furnishings is not what makes your home a minimalist's home and I am glad that you are doing what is best for you and your family.

  6. Audio books are great. But audio is sound. The cognitive function you're performing is 'listening', not 'reading'. It's passive to listen, active to read. Books, 'I've listened to', not books, ' I've read'. If your grandma read you a story when you were little and you listened, you wouldn’t say you'd read it, you'd listened. Very different mental processes. Great video as always, thank you.

  7. I just can't do that minimalist aesthetic cause it doesn't feel cozy, warm and grounding enough for me

  8. I love audio books read with different voices for the characters. Or the author reading their own words. I sometimes listen during the say and read the same book book from the library before bed. I get through books so fast that way.

  9. Daaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnng.
    Not only was this supremely informative and eye opening, it was incredibly relatable — and validating. ✨✊????✨
    THANK YOU for speaking on this topic, as well as offering up your personal recommendations for bettering our lives whilst dealing with anxiety (etc etc, amirite? ????‍????)
    Sooo much love going out to you right now. (((((((HUGS)))))))

  10. I’m working on decluttering my house bit by bit on the weekends. I’ve made good progress. It’s actually decreasing my stress level, but giving up coffee…..noooo.

  11. Noisy toys is a big hang up of mine…okay HUGE hang up!! Many years ago my younger brother had the robot toy Alphie. The noise from that thing would drive me insane. I took the batteries out but they would quickly be replaced. So I hid Alphie…so well hidden that about ten years later, I was talking with my brother and asked if they ever found it. They hadn’t! So I led everyone down to the basement to a hidden cupboard that was very deep and there inside, at the bottom, was a dusty Alphie (along with old Christmas wrapping paper). It still worked (but I did not hang around long enough to listen to it).

  12. An important distinction with coffee is that it's not necessarily that coffee makes anxiety worse. It's that caffeine causes our body to mimic the symptoms of anxiety – jitters, pounding heart etc. In small doses, drinking coffee can actually be a great exercise for those working alongside a therapist to experiment anxiety management by getting accustomed to the sensations in their body.

  13. Re coffee, I found an amazing decaf brand of coffee that is great. I get to have the taste of coffee with a minimal caffeine effect.

  14. Really related to this video ???? I love audiobooks for doing dishes and putting away laundry or some downtime where my eyes really need a rest but I'm not going to sleep. Much easier after having my child to get my book fix from an audiobook than a physical book in this season of my life. Great video!

  15. I recently started reading/listening to audiobooks and it changed my life! I am a very slow leisurely reader and it took me forever to get through books. Audiobooks totally count!

  16. I am glad to hear that you found things to help your anxiety. I don't know what that is like, but it is great to hear what you have done to help your situation.
    My goodness that one toy is so loud! I don't think I ever had loud toys for my children.
    My husband has anxiety issues and cut out coffee and it has helped him so much.
    Yeah. . .I can't have white furniture or clothing. I like mud too much haha.
    I make quilts on a regular basis (and sell them). Your quilt is pretty!! I like having color but I also like a lot of greys and black (but not really white other than my walls, granted my sons' bedroom is half blue and half orange). I also listen to audiobooks and podcasts while I clean! I read physical books too though. I look forward to seeing which books you have enjoyed.

  17. My aesthetic can best be described as boho/dog fur/farmhouse/chaos.

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