This Bride Loved Him For 5 Years | The Wedding Filmer | WedMeGood

Meet Varshini & Rohit – Varshini loved him for 5 years while he wasn’t ready. She waited unconditionally because she believed in her love and made true what a Sufi said, “You can spend a lifetime with someone but it takes just one moment to fall in love.”

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Song Credits:
Song Composed & Programmed by: Sagar Desai
Lyrics: Manoj Yadav
Female Vocals: Mansheel Gujral
Male Vocals: Raghav Meattle
Male Backing Vocals: Gaurav Chopra
Recording Studio: Leitmotif Records Pvt. Ltd
Mixed & Mastered by: Gaurav Chopra
Label: The Wedding Filmer

13 Replies to “This Bride Loved Him For 5 Years | The Wedding Filmer | WedMeGood”

  1. Manifesting this with the love of my life ❤️ and it will happen in gods time! Patience and timing

  2. This is a lot of hope and patience. ..I loved the song <3 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  3. I'm just waiting for the time when the only love of my life will put a real silver, shiny,cute,beautiful ring on my finger. Please pray for us, please. I love him sooooooo much and he loves me back the same way. Please pray for us? reply if you also want someone to become yours one day, one that you love more than your life

  4. I m waiting too for somebuddy
    I hope we also will be together ever after
    Who ever go through this comment plzz pray for us

  5. Truely this make me cry happy tears as this is very relatable….. We were school batchmates and have been in a relationship for three years…. Then things got complicated and we have to take a break and focus on our careers though it was a mutual decision… We both r in second year of our bachelors now and it's been 5 months we don't have a conversation…this video really made me believe that waiting for your love is worthy…..i totally trust him and I pray that how many years it may take we will have our happily ever after….. ❤….I Love you very much #SK

  6. Honestly I didn't like the way the cameraman interrupted the lady asking so what is the moral of the story. She was speaking so so well.

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