This Burger is Worth All The Hype! | Chuds BBQ

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►Full list of things I use and recommend:

Pots & Pans
►Made In Stainless Clad Set
►Made In Carbon Steel Set
►Made In Wok

►8″ Chef’s Knife
►6″ Nikiri
►Boning Knife
►Bone Saw

Meat Processing
►Meat Grinder
►Sausage Stuffer
►Meat Mixer
►Meat Slicer

►Weber Kettle
►Chamber Vacuum Sealer
►Sous Vide
►Toaster Oven
►Deep Fryer
►Vitamix Blender
►Kitchenaid Mixer
►Food Processor

►Chud Rub and 16 Mesh Black Pepper
►Fogo Charcoal
►Wagyu Tallow
►Dough Conditioner
►High Temp Cheese
►Pink Salt
►Sodium Citrate
►Hog Casings
►Sheep casings

Small Cooking Tools
►Pepper Cannon
►Instant Read Thermometer
►Flame Thrower
►Fire Blower
►Cold Smoke Generator
►Rub Tub
►Burger Press
►Butcher paper
►Paper stand
►Cutting Board

Welding Tools
►Angle grinder
►Grinder Blades
►Chop Saw
►Pipe Level

Camera Gear
►Camera Lens

20 Replies to “This Burger is Worth All The Hype! | Chuds BBQ”

  1. You can tell you are a transplant to Texas, not a native. A true Texan wouldn't acknowledge anything from Oklahoma as being good.

  2. I love American on burgers, but sometimes I'm in the mood for cheddar or other cheeses On a burger

  3. Some people will say those onions are burnt, and all I gotta say is I also like the taste of burnt onions mixed in. xD

  4. I got my son on the shit list of his friends at school over American cheese lol. The cellophane wrapped cheese is not cheese

  5. You should definitely hook up with the Whiskey Tribe folks or the Modern Rogue crew since they are on the same side of town as you. I'm sure nothing could go wrong…

  6. Onion then smash? I've been smash then onion but I think smashing them into the meat makes more sense

  7. Chudd, if you're a big fan of gin and haven't tried Waterloo Antique, I would HIGHLY recommend it. They're a Texas distillery and fantastic.

  8. I agree with you 100% There is a big difference between high quality American Cheese and the average run of the mill stuff! One where high quality really makes a huge difference.

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